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S1 problem

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I don't know if is only but i have problem playing in the S1.

There is a massive desync and my char start to slip around and spin without press any key. Looks like hacker for my POV.

Usually when i desync i got an istant movement: Moving to point A to point B, desynced and istantly teleport to point A. Now when i desync my char slipper from point B to point A slowly.

This happen to me only in S1, i test the other servers and nothing happens.

It's only me?

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My friend had something similiar going on there as well, but it just passed after he restarted his router/modem.

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Hey Boia, it's been 5 days since this issue popped up. Do you still have the problem? If not I'll mark the thread as solved.

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OP, as you haven't responded to Franklins question and haven't updated the post in several days, this' being marked as solved.

If you have any further statements regarding this post, feel free to continue them here.


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Oh yeah sorry i forget the thread.

It seems there was a temporary problem.

Right now i'm ok, thank you.

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