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Hey, Whats up guys?

I'm fairly new to the whole Role Playing aspect of Dayz, but hey, it honestly seems more fun than anything at the moment. One of my friends called Jester, loves RPing with you guys, so I figured I'll give it a go. Not exactly sure of what im supposed to do. It said I needed to post on the forums before a month goes by, so figured I'd just do it now and see what it's like to RP. I won't ask any questions here, but I guess i'll just describe myself here and use my background as a character when I RP.

Name: Raymond C.

Age:17 (IRL)

Description: (IRL) I go to Aviation HS for Avionics and overall engine maintenance. School day normally last from 6 AM to 6 PM, given certain circumstances, and I plan on being an AMT for JetBlue after I get both licenses, Airframe and PowerPlant. I'm 5"6', and I have a girlfriend who may actually join DayZ RP since we're both tired of getting into pointless COD like gunfights over nothing. I love being more on the Hero side, helping whoever I can when I play, so RPing will just make this so much easier for my game style overall!

Look forward to seeing you all!

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