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Mr Snow


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Sorry but i just to ask how many app's you guys review a day it just seen like i am going to be waiting for long time for mine to be seen i have waited about 5-6 days now and not got close to 100 mark and don't have the money to donate as i am saving for a new comuter and have to pay pill's aswell i understand that alot of people are waiting to but just needed to ask.

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The amount of applications reviewed is dependent on the activity of the admins. They probably review 100+ applications a day.

Q: How long does it take to have my whitelist reviewed?

A: It is hard to say because it is determined by many factors as your forum rank, your forum activity, admin activity, length of the current queue and of course quality of your application. Depending on those waiting times can range between a few hours and multiple days.

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ok just needed to ask as i have been waiting for 6 days thats all ok thxs for you help.

Also how do you get your forum rank up.

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Forum rank increases with the amount of posts you make.

The post ranks are:

50 posts to experienced survivor

250 posts for veteran survivor

500 Bear Grylls

Then there are also Staff and Donator ranks, the more you donate the more forum perks you get.

They can be found here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-staff-and-donation-ranks

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No problem. You seem happy with the answer so I shall solve this here thread.


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