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OOC Suggestion

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Okay, so. I LOVE the IC all the time thing. My ovaries exploded, for real (I just realised how gross the sounds..). But for people who aren't really hardcore RPers, this can become tedious, and sometimes irritating if they need to explain something, or enjoy the server's features. So here is something that has worked on nearly every SA-MP RP server. Double-wrap your text in brackets, e.g (( Hey. )), if you want to speak OOCly, but don't JUST go OOC do a little RPing. So you aren't taking the piss? Happy days. If you support this idea, put a +1 down there in the reply section! Hope you admins implement or possibly think of some other way to allow OOC speech for some people who may just want to play OOC and enjoy some IC at the same time!

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I think most people doing like this.

but, +1 :)

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