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The Fonz ((The Cellar))

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12/3/2013 ((going by IRL clander date because whythefucknot.jpg))

Ayo jamook!

You know you guys there been askin too many questions capiche?

So i'm tellin ya who the hell I am and why you should give a crap!

The name is Fonz, you wanna know my real name? who are ya the fuzz? FORGEDABOUDIT!

I'm the right hand man to the big guy got it?

Well since this is your last day with us in this cellar we've locked you in, i guess we can share with you why we are actually here!

*a bottle breaks*

*blood splashes on the floor*

we don't like double crossers....

We came here on 'business'. We had to uh, tie up afew loose end if ya followin me...

when this crazy nonsense started, our pilot tried to escape first like some kinda scared guy ova there. Good thing we brought 2 pilots! Ha! Bad-bing bada-boom!

Anyways, when we called the shmuck, he was close to the edge of the map of this place. as soon as he got off the map, the entire aircraft com busted into flames like my brothas barbeque back home!

The big man was more then mad, but we had no choice but to 'operate' here.

*panting hoping its all over, The Fonz grinning*

*boiling water pouring, screaming, the Fonz grinning*

we usually arent bad people. But people like you need to be uh... taken care of....

*hazed, muffled sound, ringing pain, so much pain engulfing, becomes knocked out*

*fonz walks up the stairs and closes the cellar door*



*the cellar door creeps open. waking up in a daze*

Ah.. good your awake, I wanted to tell you more stories

So today was a lot of fun, but for rats like you... the day... has just begun

*knuckles bouncing off sight, feeling dizzy, nose bleeding*

Our wetwork team ended up meeting another "survivor" of this bullshit.

*he overlooks a small table of 'instruments'*

She ended up being trunk music.... Ahh music to my ears.....

She looked like someone we had the pleasure of knowing once....

*his eyes grow wild*

Once.... va fa napole to her though!

We were by no means a couple of Zips though, we stuck only to where we were from....

Until that loose end came into sight.

We didnt want much from the girl, but the pazzo tried to book-it. Shame...

What a parakeet though *whistles softly*

I wonder If any other groups like us are still around

*he scratches his chin with a blade*

We could use some more 'business'

maybe payola here and there, maybe find us a piece of work or too..

You lookin scared....

*he grabs the "Public Relations Manager"*

Its about time you met this guy, he really knows his stuff....

*the blade drags across the floor, trying to express words with a missing tounge. sobbing.*

You tryin ta say sumfin? HUH!

*one quick swipe and the knee down falls to the right, blood pouring*

This is gunan turn into some cellar music!

*he dances as he puts on Giueseppe Musolino* ((


Time to dance jamook!

//im trying out a new style of story telling by giving the perspective of someone the fonz considers a loose end. Donworryaboudit! Fogedaboudit! any feed back please. bad and good are welcome!

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