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Mr.Sale's Life

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Mr.Sale was a trader. He had only one friend - Ralph. He stayed with Mr.Sale trough everything.

Mr.Sale lost everything when his family died from infection.

He ran away with his friend.

They started trading. There ware alot of guy's who wanted some stuff.

but they didn't trade. They ware taking the stuff and ran away.They had to protect the store. They all of them. But not one guy. Lets call him Joel.

Joel was joking all the time. He was a good guy. He helped Mr.Sale and his friend.

After massacre Mr.Sale and Ralph made a camp fire and sat down. Then came Joel and some other guy. He was a Joel's friend. They didn't have gear. And at one moment Joel asked:"In which city we are?". Mr.Sale and Ralph knew he had onther friend. Joel started to act weird. And Mr.Sale knew that they are planning to kill him and Ralph. Mr.Sale did it. He had tears in his eyes. He killed Joel.Ralph killed the other guy.They ran away. After some days Ralph died from a infection.

Mr.Sale didn't have anything. He didn't have anything to live for. He got up the "Novo clocktover" and jumped. When he landed on the ground he saw every moment of his life. The good and bad memories. But one thing he knew was- he is with everybody he wanted to be with.

Based on a true story of a DayZ

Not so sad and original video's link-

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