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Guest Farmer Ping

Hello :D

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Guest Farmer Ping

Just saying hi.

Hope to be playing some awesome role play with you all soon via standalone.

Looking forward to a grand harvest as I am a farmer, finding my lost brother Bob Smith and basically starting a new life in Chernarus.

Good times ahead I hope.

I am honoured to be here.

Many thanks Farmer Ping.

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Man, that's a damn of character lore. Like it.

Good luck on the fields of Chernarus!

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Hey Farmer! Welcome to the Community! If you haven't yet make sure to hand in the White List Application, if you have already then the best of luck to you. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Enjoy your stay and hope to meet you in game someday :)

Stay Smart. Stay Safe.

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Guest Farmer Ping

Nice to meet you all. :]

Yes I have submitted my application.

Thank you for the support about the asking of questions if I need so.

Ill post my character's story shorty, its the one I submitted on my application. Just in case anyone would like to read.

first name: Ping

nickname: Farmer, or The Farmer (Ping Ming meaning peaceful bright)

surname: Ming however might have given it up because of his harsh upbringing for Smith (his friend bob smith who smuggled ping over from china after the outbreak, Ping and Smith call each other brother after Ping protected bob at his chinese farm from a horde, bob being a military man offered to take ping away as it was getting bad.

Ping was an orphan, named by a nurse at the orphanage as he had no name.

When Ping was old enuth he became a rice farmer, he was a very upset child but yet he had a kind hart, however ended up with a drinking problem from his harsh childhood and the hard ships on the farm.

one night after the outbreak, Ping was safe in this farm, drinking quietly cleaning his shotgun, when he heard screams from outside, a military man being chased by a massive hoard, yelling please help.

Ping knew that he had to open the doors, it was too late even if he didn't the man would die and the zombies would surround the farm.

he opened the doors, the man dived in ping slammed the giant wood lock down.

thankyou bob said reloading his sks as he could not stop to reload before as the zombies were at his heels.

Ping said nothing, reached for one of his bottles of Mijiu, downed the whole thing

bob looking stunned and still catching his breath

ping helped bob to his feet, picked up another bottle pushed it into bobs chest.

then proceeded to the roof with his shotgun, bob following.

they went to town on the zombies, in the morning the farm was a bloody mess.

"this is shit" ping said still sipping on wine looking upon his ruined farm.

bob looked at the man who saved his life,

"You cant stay here the infection is getter worse come with me to russia, if you stay you will surely die... my men are all dead there is a boat we must go... before more show up, you saved my life the least I can do is give you a new one."

bob patting ping on the back.

Ping was happy for the chance to have a better life.

"come on brother lets go" bob chanted.

when the boat was almost at cherno on a stormy night, the infection broke out upon the boat (how is not known maybe someone else was bitten before hand or a zed was hidden on the boat)

Ping seeing the shore was not to far off but being heavily drunk *decided to jump into the sea and try make the swim* bob was with him drinking shortly before

but when ping heard the screams and seeing the rushing zombies upon the deck

he knew he had to jump, he hoped bob was ok...

ping somehow made it to shore, with the worst hangover in his life, thirsty and exhausted from the salt water/vodka combo he passed out upon the beach...

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Guest Farmer Ping

Sadly my white listing was rejected.

Never mind I will try again later on when non donor applications are up.

bit sad about my failure of the application, but its good to see that there is a strict sense of how to role play and strong community based around it. Ill try again its not bad to get knocked back, I've always learnt the hard way so to speak. It will make me a better player in the end so I accept the challenge.

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