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Weak signal out of green Mountain

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The hissing static is suddenly broken as someone begins speaking.

"Don't know who's Listening, suppose it doesn't matter. This broadcast is more for me than you."

Ami sighs and takes a swig from her canteen, pausing a minute before continuing.

"Plenty of stuff I'm not understanding up her near cherno... The factions, the power plays, the key players, the cause of the hatred and fighting. Most of all I just don't get why. The world ends, and you go right back to what we were doing before it ended."

She pauses once more, shaking her head. Then laughing to herself.

"Counting humans against those things... They are definitely winning, and you all seem to want to tip the scale further in their favor. However I am glad to have met some exceptions. Lucy, if you can hear this take care of those boys of yours. They are bound to get themselves into plenty of trouble."

Leaning back against the wall she sits a pink teddy bear on her lap. Brushing her hands over it a few times.

"Raines... I don't know if you can hear me. I'm waiting hun... Right where you said to wait. I'll be here until you find me... Goodnight Chernarus..." (static returns)

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** Alin rushes towards his longwave radio, briefly responding **

Well miss, I guess you are not from Chernarus yourself. This is Alin Stoica speaking by the way.

I'm a nurse currently stationed in a Health Care Center in a small town.

** Alin pauses for a brief second **

About the factions, people are grouping up, trying to restore the communities.

Ofcourse there will be differences between groups, as usual.

I can only advice you to come by our town. The South Zagoria People's Republic will keep you save.

Start hiking north!

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Alin out.

** You'd hear a loud click, followed by static noise **

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After a while, Olivier Dumas picks up his radio and starts speaking

"Hello miss, nice to hear another friendly soul out there. It's been a while since I heard someone talking on my old radio."

He places his trusty shotgun next to him before continuing to talk

"I currently live in a small town called Dubrovka and I have been managing quite nicely over the past days. I managed to loot the entire village without running into any trouble. I even found me a proper bed, and after hiking for over 7 days, that's something you really enjoy, having a good sleep."

He pauses for a minute, not knowing what to say, before continuing once more

"Listen very careful to what I'm about to say. Do not, I repeat not, travel up north to the bigger cities the on the east coast, like Berezino and Svetlo. They're completly overrun by those things which makes survival up here pretty dang hard. If you do think about coming, do not use the main roads up north, as they're filled with ambushes. Those people doing that have no sympathy left for other people and will do anything, and I mean anything to survive. You wouldn't believe the things which I've seen. I...

You suddenly hear a door open and a male voice shouting something in an unknown language. All you hear after that is a gun being fired being followed by radio silence

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Static breaks again after a few minutes.

"Lived in Chernerus most of my life actually. Just came up from Miroslavl looking for an old friend. Thanks for the offer, and it is tempting... but for now, I have to wait. Have to give him a chance to come find me."

Shudders after hearing the gunshots from the other transmission. Keys her radio a few times waiting to hear any more before speaking again.

"Thank you for the advice. I've already seen what's become of Berezino... and Chernogorsk... Suppose I've been lucky enough not to run into problems with the few people I've met along the way. I really hope you just dropped your radio but i know the odds of that aren't good... Be safe, and barring that... rest in peace...."

(Static resumes)

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After almost half an hour after the gunshot, Olivier picks up his radio once again, breathing heavily

"This is Olivier speaking, again. I was attacked by a stranger who managed to enter my safe place without me hearing it. He overwhelmed me at first but luckily, the bloody fool was a bad shot and only managed to shoot me in my upper right leg. This might cause some trouble as I need to move now that my position has been compromised."

he suddenly stops and moans because of the wound before continuing

"I guess some morphine is the best I can do right now, but that won't cure the wound. The other person, Alice, it would be really nice if you could inform me of your position because I'll need to pay you a visit soon. After that, I'll start making my way to green mountain. With some luck I might find a vehicle which still works, that could speed up my trip."

He looks behind him at his enemy, who has been handcuffed and has duct tape on his mouth to prevent him from talking

"One more thing: my 'buddie' over here is still very much alive and kicking. I managed to knock him out with my shotgun's butstock. Using the handcuffs which I found in a nearby town's police station and some duct tape, I took him prisoner. What should I do with him: leave him and let him try to get of his handcuffs himself (they do look rusted so they can break pretty easily) or should I punish him? I want to hear what you guys would do. Please respond soon, Olivier out. "

he puts down the transmitter and sits down for a while, thinking about what to do. He then start starts eating his favourite meal, beans

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Shortly after Ami begins transmitting again.

"Glad to hear you're alright. Too often things don't turn out so well."

She lets out a sigh of relief and ponders the question for a few minutes.

"I don't have a good answer as to what to do with him... I haven't had to take a life yet. There are so few of us seems. I wouldn't want to have to strike another human off the living side. If I let him go, it could bite me... but to kill him... that would haunt me.

(Transmission ends)

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Static breaks with almost inaudible voice coming through.

""Am... can you... over?"

Static returns.

After a short while static breaks again with a man yelling into his radio sounding out of breath.

"AMI CAN YOU READ ME OVER! If you can hear this Im here and on my way to come get you. Sit tight ill be there when I..."

You hear a crack followed by automatic fire and yelling before the radio goes silent.

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After days of silence the signal from Green mountain clears again and a voice is heard.

"Hello Chernerus, it's me again. Still alive, despite how hard you seem to be trying to change that. I fount my Raines, and I think we're going to settle down here for a while."

She sets the radio aside as she peels the bandage off a leg wound and applies a fresh one.

"You see, I've been at Green Mountain for a few weeks now. Seems anyone left alive comes through here at least once. Seems a good place to sort out who's who. Bastard blackwood using us for training exercises, Masquerade killing visitors, bandits of all sorts and sizes.

She pauses to take a drag on her cigarette and think about her next words.

"Seems these people need someone to protect them. To keep green mountain a safe place. I have made some friends and while I cannot speak for them. I'll be here. Keeping the order. Keeping people safe."

She ashes her smoke and takes another puff.

"I killed my first human being the other day... well, I killed two of them. They were trying to hurt my friends, and while I'm not okay with having to do that, I am very much willing to do it again."

She steps to the edge of her tower and flicks her cigarette off.

"To all who see Green Mountain as their hunting ground. It's my hunting ground now, and I'll be watching. This is Ami Knight, good night chernarus...

Static resumes

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