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Hey all, My name's Rob in game name is Shadster. I'm new to Rping and such; I'm hoping to have some fun with it. I've tried a bunch of servers before but they were either horribly hacked or full of douchebags who couldn't survive their way out of a paper bag. The whole reason why I joined this forum is because I'm interested in what how dayz could be like if it had some kind of story behind it. Can not wait to interact with you all....as soon as I come up with a dang back story. It's harder then I thought ^^;

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Hey! Welcome to the server!

Here's a nice guide that covers the basics of the server! Just click here!

For your RP backstory, I suggest you to think about WHAT you want to play? What kind of job does your character do? What does he like/dislike? How did he arrive to Chernarus? What are his motivations?

Et cetera!

If you need anything, don't hesitate and ask!

Hope you'll have fun with us!

EDIT : Check out the clans and groups section! If you find a clan you're interested in, maybe you could add some RP backstory about them and how you met them!

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