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Question about my app

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Hehe... I kinda goofed, it would seem my C/P didnt work when i tryed it after i submitted my app So I dont have a copy of my Background from my app, Would it be possible i could get the background messaged to me? Im not asking for my app to be A priority but rather, a request so i could save it somewhere. I have no problem waiting for the app to come up in Q This is just a requst to get the background C/Ped to me.

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Retrieving stuff like that isn't something the admin team really does. It's up to you to save the information for your whitelist in the case of your whitelist application getting denied. Who knows, you might not even need it and you might get accpeted.

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Of course, it never hurts to ask. :P

I'll be marking this thread as solved.

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