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Whitelist Application Word Count

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As a preface, I originally intended to hold off on my one mandatory post until i had something to contribute to this forum (keeping in mind the 1 post requirement to maintain an active account) as I normally lurk. As well, I'm not entirely sure where this post should be, so in the event it is in the wrong location my apologies.

I am currently work on my whitelist application and in the course of writing up the various components for it. However in doing so, I misread the 'Required: 500 characters' as 'Required: 500 words,' which is fine. I read somewhere on the forum that most people skimp when explain NLR/KoS and don't fully explain it as a result, and with that thought in mind i continued writing on to meet the '500 word minimum'.

Fast forward to 10 minutes ago when I began to input the information from my word-doc to the respective fields, I discovered there is a character limit of 2000-NLR/4000-KoS and after a cursory search on the forum, isn't mentioned anywhere.

What I am asking is for a recommendation as to what I can do. Should i re-write it or is there some magical other way to deal with the character limit.

You guys probably see a million 'pls help wit whitelist app i am new' posts everyday so I appreciate any help you can spare me in regards to resolving my issue.

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i hear this all the time people are everywhere going 500 words? thats actually what stopped me from whitelisting back in 2013 cause i thought it was words finally figured out how much of a derp i was after a year

but what i think you should do and congrats for reaching maximum character limit i would not rewrite it but delete a little and try to finish it off before the character limit

side note: i also heard somewhere that the more indepth the whitelist application the faster it'll get accepted so good luck

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Sadly not, its coded into the app and can only be changed by Rolle (server owner)

I would suggest rewording the app, whilst detail is needed if you have hit 2000 characters I think it's a little too much detail :redpanda:


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Haha, I figured no one wanted to read my essay. Anyways, thanks for the response; I guess I'm going to spend some time chopping up what I have and trying to make sense of it.

Perhaps as a suggestion, a written notice of the character limits could be put it to prevent others in the future from making the same mistake.

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No way to extend it, it's set by the maximum table size in the database :) Very few people ever reach it so I'd say it's enough. If you want to post more - create a thread in the story forums :)

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