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Hello all!

Guest jakomocha

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Guest jakomocha

Hey everyone! You can call me jakomocha or jako for short. I've been in the roleplaying universe for quite a while, but never with an online game so this is a new and exciting experience for me. I got quite addicted to zombies after playing Telltale's beautifully written "The Walking Dead" game. It got me into both the comics and the tv show and left me with a desire to find somewhere I could replicate the experience of stepping in the shoes of a normal person trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. I joined a few lackluster online TWD roleplays (one was actually good, but it quickly lost activity), however they weren't able to satiate that desire to experience a zombie apocalypse from the perspective of an everyday survivor. Finally, I settled on Day Z. Day Z stood out because it was a video game rather than a forum-based roleplay. The reason I hadn't picked Day Z earlier was because I own a Mac and would have to use bootcamp to run it, which is both difficult and results in a very laggy experience. I got hooked onto the game despite being terrible at it (something I still suffer with ;) ). Unfortunately, I started drifting away from the game as the technical difficulties were too difficult to deal with and I rarely ever saw other people, and when I did they just shot me after a few seconds of pretending to be friendly. I also had a desire to tell a story with both my and other peoples character, but that didn't seem to be happening especially considering there were no established characters or story backgrounds in the game. Fortunately, I found this site. While I haven't submitted my whitelist application yet, I am already imagining all the unique possibilities that could happen while on this server. I am ecstatic about it, and hope I will get accepted!

~Just wondering, when your character dies do you start as the same character but without any of the experiences or relationships of that character?

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Welcome to DayZRP !

"I got quite addicted to zombies after playing Telltale's beautifully written "The Walking Dead" game."

Feeling bro :(

That game was so... perfect !

Anyway, hope to see you in game soon ! If you have any questions, just ask or pm me !

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