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Report after a very long time?

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Hey there,

I searched pictures on my PC and I found a screenshot of a situation which is in my personal "worst 5 robbery" list. I took the picture because I wanted to report them but I "lost" the picture. Well - I found it in a folder where screenshots should not be in (maybe miss-moved it into there).

Well...its been a while (around 2 months) now and I ask myself "should I report it?"

The situation was the following:

Went to myshkino military base, saw a fire and went there. Went into a tent near it to hear if someone was talking and suddenly 3 highly geared militarys stand in front of me "drop stuff or dead, hands up" then they made me go near the fire, robbed the most of the stuff and said "kay now go in that direction, dont stop, dont turn. Go or dead" and then I had to run or be shot. The whole situation was over in around 5 minutes with very minimal talk from them.

I got the Name of one of them but since it happend such a long time ago, can admins still find that one?

It kinda left a mark on me because I was very new in this community and got robbed very often, felt like... 9/10 player interactions are hostile back then.

Thanks for all answers

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It's possible, but if you have a name..we absolutely can.

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Yes you can indeed if you have evidence of the situation.


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