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Bryan says hello!


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My Name is Bryan, im 19 years old and i was born in South Carolina, now i live in Germany. I played a lot RP the last years and i then i searched for a DayZ RP server and poof: im here ;)

And now, my Character:

Bryan was a 19 year old "idiot" who didn't want to grow up, he just cared about playing games, hanging out with friends and all that stuff. Bryan lost all his friends and his family to the apocalypse before he realized that he has to grow up NOW. After some months he learned to survive and how to use a gun (not a big deal for a gamer ;) ), he went to a City near the coast to get food and drinks, till he heard some footsteps and a "bang".

Now Bryan woke up, a little bit out of town. He lost all his stuff he found in the last months, nothing is left. Now he has to start again and survive the apocalypse.

(I hope you enjoyed my story :/ i know its not the best but.. life goes on.. with zombies ;) )

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Guest Heinz

Welcome Bryan! I actually liked your story, even though it wasn't that long.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me or anyone else in staff and hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here!

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