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Aurora Sky

Aurora's Background and original whitelist

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Aurora Skyler was born on Dec 1 1983 to Martha and Trever McLaughlin. She was given her name because when she was conceived her father was stationed at Ft. Greenly, AK. Shortly after her mother found out that she was pregnant her father was moved to Ft. Campbell, KY. Having only one other sibling, a brother, Kade, that is five years older than her. Aurora grew up spoiled yet with the understanding that hard work was the only way to get anything done. With both sides of her family being as heavy military minded as they were most of her childhood was spent in private schools and once she became middle school age it was boarding schools. Her parents tried to instill in her that all good husbands were devoted to their wife's and all good wife's kept house and supported their husbands. Her mother was more than a good house wife, she was also a wonderful author and encouraged Aurora to find a calling that would allow her to become a stay at home wife and mother like herself, however Aurora had other ideas. Growing up in the south she learned how to hunt and fish right alongside her brother and father and anytime the family was together Aurora could always be found hanging around the males in her family. Having been raised around the military she decided to enlist after boarding school and started out as an MP in the Army but later on went to the Defense Information School in Ft. Meed Maryland to become a Combat Documentary and production specialist. Her brother laughed at her about it, but that was just because like her father he had become a Ranger and to him her job as an MP and Combat Documentary was grunt work. No matter what, she knew that her family was proud of her achievements and they encouraged her throughout her life, even if she was the first person in her family to stray away from tradition. The military took her all over the world but her home was always in Clarksville, TN just outside of Ft. Campbell. It s where her family was and where her father was stationed the longest. Aurora does not remember when she realized that she had a love of photography but it played heavily in her life and her duties in the military. In her free time she went to school for and became a Professional photographer. Working for various magazines and companies wherever she was stationed.

At 30 and after 12 years of service Aurora was given the shock of her life. While taking her stranded PT test she started having chest pain. She blacked out. When she woke up it was to find that she was in the hospital. The doctors told her that she had a heart attack, mild but still. If that was not bad enough they found that she had Marfan's Syndrome. A condition that she had since birth but that the medical community was just now starting to understand. It meant that her life as she knew it was over. Gone was her military career, gone was her illusion of heath. They told her that at any given time she could die from it and she was in fact very lucky she had not died already. When she was in boarding school she had cyst that did enough damage that she might have a hard time having kids, now with the Marfan's it was out of the question. All her dreams vanished before her eyes. After a year of being discharged Aurora's life was just starting to get back on track. She had served her country with pride and even though she was still not 100% normal she was now making a rather nice living taking pictures, something she loved. She had also found a man that she thought she could love, Zack. He had been a long time friend and worked in Clarksville as a news reporter. One night in Oct. while her and Zack were out to dinner he started complaining about wanting to do a story on something that was happening in a country called Chernarus. Aurora listened as Zack insulted his boss for not funding his trip to check into it. " You do not understand Aurora, he wants me to cover this stupid Ebola thing even though everyone has already covered it." Zack went on to explain that if he was to get the story he wanted about the uprising in Chernarus he would have to go alone and fund it himself. Knowing that her family did not like him Aurora did not immediately jump at the chance to go with him as his camera man. This made him mad and he ended up taking her home that night. After thinking it over and fighting with her brother for almost a week she called Zack and told him she would help him out. After another week of prepping Zack and her were finally ready and started their trip to the small country.

They flew from TN to New York then from New York to England. It was there that Aurora realized that perhaps her brother was right and Zack was a weasel. When they landed in London Aurora thought that they would spend some time at the hotel and have a romantic evening. What she found was that Zack was too cheep to rent a nice hotel. They ended up staying at a tiny dirty place with only one twin size bed, witch Zack was quick to call dibs on. Claiming that he needed his rest so that when they interviewed people he did not look bad. Pissed and tired she did not even fight him but rather curled up in the chair and fell asleep. She made up her mind that after this trip there was no way she could ever be with Zack. The next morning came too fast and they were off again, headed to Russia. Aurora could not pronounce the name and as it was it did not matter as they did not stay but rather rented a car and drove past the Black Mountains and down into Chernarus. They arrived in Zelenogorsk on the 23 of Oct. Aurora was stunned to see the chaos that was evident. She did not understand how things had became so bad and not many knew why. Quickly she pushed thoughts of her relationship with Zack out of her head and focused on getting the story. All day she shot video and took pictures of Zack and the city. By the end of the day she was dead on her feet and ready for bed. Luckily Zack had arranged for them to stay in a hotel just outside of the city. Once she was settled in her own room with her own bed she called her parents and told them that she had made it safely. Also she told them the things that had happened with Zack. Both lectured her on being safe and coming home soon. Aurora loved that her parents worried about her. It showed her that they loved and cared for her. When she tried to call her brother all she got was his voice mail. Not being one to leave a message she hung up and crawled into bed thinking she would need as much sleep as she could get.

The next two days passed in a blur, as Zack was focused only on the story. They interviewed countless people from civilians to CDC workers to any in the military that would give them a second. The locals, when they got past the panic of what was going on, were nice and inviting. Many offered them food and a place to stay and all had an opinion on what was going on in the city. They traveled to a few smaller towns close to Zelenogorsk one was Sosnovka. Most of the town was locked up but the few places that were open held citizens with scared faces and more questions the answers. All wanted to know what was going on in Zelenogorsk and if they could send help. After spending most the day in town Zack and Aurora headed back to the city and their hotel. They had just entered when Aurora's cell phone rang. She was so startled by the sound that she jumped slightly, having not heard it make a sound in days. When she looked down at the id she was more shocked to notice it was a blocked number. Worried that something had happened she answered quickly as she walked away to a quiet place to take the call.

" Hello?"

" Aurora Shut up and listen to me you have to get out of Chernarus. I had to get clearance to make this call..... Get out NOW. Its not..."

Aurora looked down at her phone as it went dead. The only sound she heard was her brothers worried voice and the beeping from her phone. Real fear griped her for the first time since they arrived. Her brother should not have to get clearance to call her... Walking over to where she had left Zack she explained the call and her brothers worry.

" Your family is overzealous when it comes to the military Aurora, we are fine here they would tell us if we were not."

Stunned by his reaction Aurora stood in silence for a moment before her anger at his words and actions over the last few days finally surfaced. Reaching up She grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him in close to her. As she spoke her voice was low yet it held a tone that she did not think she was capable of.

" Look Zack I don't care about you or what you think of my family. The fact is that something is wrong here and we need to leave. not just because my brother told me to but because it is the smart thing to do. Look around the TV's and phones have been acting up and the first call made or received in days is from my brother telling me that he had to get clearance to call me? Something is going on. you have enough footage to make your story now it is time to go."

Letting him go she expected him to argue, however he did not. Zack simply looked around the nodded his head.

" Fine but lets leave in the morning. It is late and a fresh start would be better."

Aurora did not like the idea of waiting however she would not argue with him if he was willing to leave. Heading to her room she packed her bags though she was unable to sleep.

The next morning was the 26th of Oct. Little did they know that the borders were already closed.They loaded up and headed north to the border. Aurora had her camera bag in front with her intending to take pictures of the landscape, after all the country was beautiful and she might as well have a few pictures to remember it. After driving for half the day they arrived at the border to find Russian military blocking the road. People stood on both sides of the the fence all yelling and trying to get past. Putting her camera away she got out of the car and followed Zack closely. Her Russian was bad however she did know enough to hear the guards yelling that no one was going to leave or get in. Zack was yelling back along with a dozen others when Aurora noticed movement to her right. She thought the person looked sick... Blood was flowing from his eyes and he looked.. well Sick. She did not have time to finish her thought before things went from bad to worse. The person that was "sick" lunged at a woman that was to distracted yelling at the Russians to notice. The sick man bit her arm just as one of the Russians opened fire, shooting the man in the head. Blood sprayed everywhere landing all over her and the ones closest to the pair. Looking to Zack then back to the guards she heard the command and knew she would find no help.

"Убей их всех." " Kill them all."

The words rang in her ears and before she could think twice she was running. Behind her shots rang out in rapid secession. They whizzed passed her head and as she ran she could hear the screams of the people that could not get away fast enough. Chancing a look over her shoulder she watched as Zack and most of the others raced to the cars. Just as he reached the rental and pulled the door open one of the guards fired an RPG at the cars. The one next to him exploded taking four people with it. Zack and all the footage included. Running faster Aurora pushed herself harder than she ever had in the military and just made it into the tree line as shots hit the trees behind her. Aurora did not stop running, she ran until she reached Novaya Petrovka.

CDC had a tent set up on the west side of town and Aurora knew that she needed to be seen. As she ran her mind was filled with the events that had just happened mainly the sick man, how he looked and how he had bit that woman... The only thing her mind could come up with was Zombies but she quickly dismissed it as zombies were something kids believed in, not full grown women with successful careers and a stable life... Was she panicking yes but then she was in a country that was undergoing some kind of epidemic with no connection to the outside. She did not think of how she looked when she walked into the camp, Aurora simply walked up to one of the workers and asked for help. After the workers freaked out... a lot. They finally quarantined her, and cleaned the blood off of her after taking samples of the "sick" guys blood and her own then started running test. all the while an armed guard stood watch just waiting to shoot her. Aurora felt like a thing rather than a human. Days passed and she was still held. She never became sick like the man and did not understand why they still held her, however, all her questions went unanswered. She was moved from room to room all the while a guard was close by. She noticed that out of the others that came in most vanished within the first few hours. Only a handful stayed.

It was the 30th of Oct when it all changed. She was expecting another day like the last three, More test, blood work, and endless questions all without an answer to her own questions. What she woke up to was Yelling and gunfire. The guard was gone and the CDC workers were running around grabbing anything they could. Taking the chance when she had it Aurora fled the makeshift tents like everyone else. Wanting to know what was going on and what they had tested her for Aurora quickly searched through the CDC tents. What she found shocked her. Many of the papers referred to the sickness as brain altering, and even went on to describe that those who were not immune seemed to exhibit Zombie like behavior. not wanting to stay any longer than she had to Aurora headed to the north side of the tents where she found clothing and some water. Quickly she changed so that she would not stick out so much. As she changed she watched the streets, citizens were running around looting the buildings and fighting openly with one another. The military soldiers that were in the streets seemed to have no control over the situation, if anything they were just as out of control as the civilians. One thing that stood out was that when both sides saw anyone that was sick, or infected as the papers called it, they instantly killed them. Aurora knew that heading into town was a bad thing so she ran south east, away from the military and the larger cities. Over the next five weeks Aurora survived in the forest and mountains of Chernarus. She was able to find food and water along with a weapon. Hunting cabins were her home as she made her way from one end of the country to the other. Over the weeks she watched as marshal law took over and then was quickly demolished by the hoards of " Zombies" It took her mind over a week to come to the understanding that the ill were actually Zombies and that in an effort to stop the spread of the virus the world had quarantined the entire country. Life as she knew it was over again and this time she was alone with no family that she could reach.... She had given up hope that her brother would come find her. Aurora survival was now in her own hands.

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