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The Hope, Its Here

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Alexei stands up and smiles with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth and blows out a plume of smoke from his nostrils as he walks out into the rainy night and clicks on his radio and pushes the PTT button as he talks in his russian accented english.

"To all the survivors out there, the last couple of days, things have happened. To some it might have been terrible things, people have died and given up. I know some of you have given up completely and are listening to this only because you have nothing better to do. Well let me tell you something now."

He inhales and exhales another plume and grins.

"I know it's hell out here and that survival is tough and difficult. It is for all of us, but know one thing, if you fight for it, if you bleed for it and hope for it , things can become better for you. You just need to want it enough, you need to reach for it and try to grasp it in your cold hands while you are heaving because of your exhaustion. You need to stand up once more and fight, fight for yourself ! Fight for everyone that is around that can use your help, for everyone in the past that is gone now. All you can do is fight.

And I hope you realise it, I hope you now know and understand that giving up is not an option, you need to keep on living. And if you can't? If you can't take it ?"

Inhales and exhales once more

"Then call me on this frequency, tell me where you are or where you want to meet and I'll take you to a place where hope still wanders, where good men rule and good people get treaten the way they should be. Be safe and I hope that I have atleast helped someone with stupid words and hopes.

Be safe ... "

Alexei sighs as he puts his radio back in his chest pocket and pulls the handle on his mp5 and grits his teeth "fucking nightpatrols."

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He grabs the Radio once again from the table and gives his work a break

"True words have been spoken"

And click, simply that one sentence, and the radio is put on the Table again

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Anne tossed the radio onto her bed and wrestled on an old, oversized nightshirt she kept in her backpack. She was tangled when Alexei's transmission began. She stopped abruptly and listened, eyes just barely poking up out of the shirt collar. A grin slowly spread across her face as she listened to his words, and when he finished she worked quickly to correct herself and to pick up the radio, almost tripping in the process.

“Sometimes stupid words and hopes are the best kind.”

Placing the radio on the nightstand, Anne realizes that she has found a nice place with decent people. She has been luckier then most, and his transmission was comforting. Hell, she may even get a good sleep tonight.

Anne lays down in her bed and she is almost certain the mattress is composed of bricks.

Maybe not a good sleep.

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After half an hour of fiddling with the radio she found, Kira was startled to hear a voice crackle through the seemingly dead speaker. It startled her to hear the word "hope". It was something that she had too much of, something that caused her from leaving this godforsaken place permanently. Weeks had passed since she heard another voice besides her own, and it triggered something within her. Whether it was an urge for companionship, or if it was an attempt of bringing new light to her dark, decaying world, she knew that she needed to do something. With a trembling hand, Kira pressed the button, hoping that the frequency picked up her voice, as shaky as it was, "I want to fight."

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As the few radio messages come through, Alexei listens carefull and to the last radio chatter he smiles gently and picks up his radio again as he's walking through the rain, only to stop inside of a doorstep, sheltered from the rain and pushes in his PTT button and softly speaks.

"Fight then, fight for your life and fight for your survival. If you need help with it, give me your coordinates or a general location and I'll come find you, I'll help you and I'll teach you. How to fight and how to survive."

Alexei sighs and nods again as he lifts his head and looks up at the sky.

"All is not lost, you just have to find something to put your hopes into and fight for that. Fight for your lost ones and fight for those who are close to you now. That's what keeps you going. That's what keeps you strong."

Alexei nods and releases his PTT button and pushes it back in "Gorka. Meet me there."

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