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Greetings from Daha

Guest Daha

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Hello all

I'm new to pc gaming and this type of rpg survival experience. I am looking forward to being apart of DayZRP community and hope to forge new friendships. I'm an old school gamer who is making the move from more traditional console gaming to pc. I am a stay at home dad who dose real estate appraisals when not taking care of the family.

Here is my back story for my character, Daha.

Daha is a husband and father to three children. They were all living on a house boat at the time of the disaster and was was able to get away from town. Living on the water they were some what safe. The boat had food and supplies but they had to make trips inland on occasion only when necessary. They would also have to take the boat off shore for some distances to keep safe from potential bandits. One night while anchored in open water a storm hit and raved the boat with waves and rain. Daha remembering that there were still some food and medicine on deck, went top side to try and secure the needed supplies. That was the last thing he cloud remember as he awakes on some shore not knowing where he is or if his family is safe.

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