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Ekberg Bartering Media Thread

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In which we Ekberg brothers put media.

And stuff.

Me and Mark found our first helicrash today while trialing a new member.


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Some beautiful RP today in Novy, I took this picture with my "Camera." That is dicey on the right.


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The Ekberg boys leaving on a cross-Chernarus journey to meet some new people. This picture was also taken with my "camera."


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Jack took these pictures during his travels with Daniel Ekberg today.


Daniel Ekberg, spinning a pumpkin on his index finger, just after he begins to drop it.


Eventually Jack lost his "camera" despite this fact, he still decided to take some mental pictures.



Images of the breathtaking Chernarussian sunset.

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Jack sits under a tree, contemplating reality.


Jack and friends say goodbye to a new friend.

o7 truck.


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