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How was your day / What did you do today?

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Today I had one of the best days ever. My aunt is here visiting all the way for Trinidad and will be spending a couple of weeks with me and im so happy! On top of that when we got home i saw this beautiful woman standing at the corner , waiting for her little sister as she does every week day , and i finally got the courage to walk of and say "Hi" to her and we had a really nice conversation, and i cant wait to see her again. I truly hope my meeting with her , if it turns romantic, turns out good or at least become good friends, to be honest ive never had a good romantic relationship or have good friends ( IRL ).

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Pretty alright. Every day is fantastic. Sad to say I rejected a girl who was into me, but I might have a change of heart about it. Also Knights of Cydonia by Muse. Fantastic. Listened to that all day.

Thanks for asking.

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