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Hi im AQ Blaze

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Quick hello

I am AQ BlazeXXL aka The Bus Driver aka I got what you need

I am new to the server which AQ has been active the past few weeks while some of the players have dropped off i am currently bringing in another wave of players. Although some are not official AQ members they are affiliated with the gang and down for the cause.

Me and my friends enjoy doing a bit of everything one day we might rob you and the next we may help you. Variety is important.

Many of you have probably had a few experiences already with me some where i shot too soon and some where i have been shot too soon myself.


If you see the bus parked in TP you know its the Bus Driver, also want to say i appreciate the guys who been finding my vehicles in the woods like my UAZ and not blowing up my bus for lols that's how it should be.


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