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Stops loading at the point of 'Requesting Character data from server'

Guest eomer817

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Guest eomer817

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, only got my whitelist acceptance 2 days ago.

I have not been able to get in game however. I have the proper beta version and mod version. I can connect to the server just fine. It stops loading after I try to pick a gender for my character. After which is shows 'Requesting Character data from server' but will not load any farther.

I have a video of the log in process so that you can see exactly what I mean. Downloadable from my dropbox folder here.

I have been PMing back and forth with one of the admins (Zoarial), he recommended posting the issue here.

Any help that anyone would be able to provide would be much appreciated, I would really like to get in there and start playing!


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Guest Jamie

hmm, it seems to be an issue connecting to the database, have you got the correct version of the game and mod? If so try logging in again and record the results if you can.

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Guest eomer817

I made sure that I had the correct version of both the mod and Arma 2 beta. I tried again while recording a new video. The results were the same, but I launched the game differently. This time I launched it with DayZ Commander and changed the @DayZ to @DayZRP to launch the proper mod. In this video you can at least see the right beta and mod version in the bottom left corner.

The end of the video that you see, where it stops loading is the result. No error message will pop up. It will just hang there on that last screen.

Here is the link to the new video.

Thanks you for your help,

- Jordan

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