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134.45 - Ekberg brothers' frequency

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Daniel tries to hail Mark, unsure of whether the battery still had juice.

"Mark, är du där?"

He waits for a moment, but he's not getting a response. His batteries might be dead, but he tries once more just to make sure.

"Mark? Brother to brother. Are you there? You'd mentioned a place?"

Damnit. The radio is giving no indication that it's working. No matter, Daniel has a second one that might work. He opens the hatch and begins to replace the battery. They were going to talk about their location scouting, apparently Mark had found someplace that may be good for bunkering down in. The second battery is in when he's finished thinking about it, and this one works.

"Mark, please tell me this battery has a charge and that you can hear me. You had mentioned you found a place."

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*Mark sits down on a rock and picks up his radio.*

Daniel, this is Mark. Can you hear me? I have moved towards a small military outpost. I found something quite interesting while searching the storage of the small outpost. Lets just say that it was quite an exploding surprise. Please make contact with me when you hear this message.

*Mark stands back up as he puts the radio back into his pocket. He looks at his new found grenades and smiles before putting them in his backpack*

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