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Guest Morris

Astronaut in the Apocalypse?!

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Guest Morris

You heard right. My character bio as it stands, ill spare you all the short version.

-Aboard the ISS (International Space Station) operating as a botanist. Yes a botanist. I was analyzing the effects of different gravitational pulls and on the most hardy of all vegetables the potato, as well as soil fertility and bacterial distribution. Along my 9 month service were 5 other crew mates. A seismologist, chemical engineer, radiologist, and a planetary systems analyst (Climatologist).

-Me and one other crew mate were from the United States whilst the other 3 counterparts were from Russia. We were doing a joint operation undergoing the issues of terra-formation on possibly colonize-able planets/ planetary systems including but not limited to Mars, Mars' moon Titan, and you guessed it, Earth itself.

-The shuttle we took to the ISS was badly damaged by a rogue asteroid and our communication with Houston went down shortly after about Sol. 200. With our mission still at hand we decided to wait out our 9 month rotary for additional confirmation on what to do. Until about Sol. 420, we were all hopeful of restoring communication and getting home without the use of our life pods which consisted of 6 seats in a cylindrical claustrophobic nightmare with only a couple thin sheets of blast resistant metal alloids to keep us safe from the atmospheric turbulence. But with hope all but fading the rotary has been either delayed or canceled without our knowledge, we decided it was best to call off the mission, because what good is the data you collected without being alive to tell others of it.

-We expected for the worst, but with a full day of planning out our trajectory, our equations tell us we should land about 2 kilometers due south of this place called Chernarus in the Green Sea where the Russians tell us would be the ideal landing spot in according to politics.

-So we set the ISS to auto-orbit, and strapped in one of the 3 life pods present. Centrifuge testing was alot like returning to the atmosphere and you become extremely light headed so it is easy to become unaware of your surroundings without you ever knowing. It's a good thing those boys at NASA know what they're doing. The auto-life button is often used in NASA's software. Hell i couldn't even go to the bathroom without 6 damn alarms goin off about Nitrogen that, Oxygen this. Blah blah.

-Anyhow we already impacted? Where the hell am i? I look to my right and the Captain caught shrapnel right through the temple and to my left one of the Russians seems to have died on impact as well as the others. As i try and feel for injuries myself i notice a leak coming through the top of the capsule...Water. I guess we made our landing according to plan. But at what cost. I try and open the hatch, so much damn pressure. This capsule is made for 0 g surroundings.. and I'll give you a hint water pressure is a lot like being in a compressor. the further we sink down, the more the pod will crumble. I mean it's not like you're ever going to experience this in space, hell, most of space is a cold flaming desert. I kick open the hatch only to find a waterfall on the other side. It's to difficult to push through so i wait until it fills to the brim. Now..there should a be life raft in the life pod. I chuckled to myself, but only for a second.I scramble to the orange emergency handle that auto-inflates the raft, and up i go.

-Stranded at sea with nothing but a emergency blanket, a soaking wet GPS radio. Some spare food, fresh water, and whats left of my thin flame retardant sweater. However there are seagulls nearby indicating land is near.

-Follow the birds to a strange foreign land, to my knowledge it is in fact Chernarus.

Lemme know what you guys think! I thought this would be pretty cool to play as (:

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At least you're not a super soldier like the 1000 or so that "came" to chernarus in the last few months :D

Its definitely an original story so you got that going for you. If youre going to post it, I would suggest you flesh it out and give a lot of detail rather than just the bullet points you've got!

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