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Radio chatter questions

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With these rules in mind I have a question.

1. All post content must be strictly IC. No OOC content is allowed at all, even using "//" or similar tags. If you want to discuss the threads or posts from these forums OOC, use TeamSpeak or create a new thread in General Forums.

2. All DayZRP rules apply in this section, just as they would in game. So no meta- or powergaming etc.

3. Keep IC hate within reasonable levels, despite all this being IC we don't want to see flaming on purpose, without a reason or similar behavior exploiting the fact that you are allowed certain levels of flaming IC.

4. Please follow the thread title template created by the CTC frequency. If you wish to add a new frequency, follow the CTC example.

5. Have fun and don't take IC content too seriously!

#2 says no meta gaming, so can I use the information In this post in game. I would think since I heard it on the radio I can.

Also if I am going to post on the forum a reply and I cannot at anytime go OOC, how do you recommend I word the time of the reply? Especially if its days or weeks after the fact.


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If you want to make a note of the time of reply in an IC way you could write something such as:

A week after the initial radio message was heard, [Your character name] finally has enough courage to hold down the button to reply

"Are you still there?"

That's a rather basic example with no previous context, you're allowed to write descriptive actions outside of the dialogue :)

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