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That Zombie Story (Working Title)

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Before you settle in for the long read let me just put a disclaimer in here. This is in no way finished there will be spelling errors and typos. If you do find any can you inform me as I would be more then happy to fix it.

Hope you enjoy,


Chapter 1

“Don’t move” a woman said, her voice smothered with fear reducing it to a whisper. I looked up, a woman stood there with a small handgun shaking in her hands. I blinked, she was about 30 years old give or take, average height, long greasy brunette hair, small face with a mixed expression of fear and shock, her clothes worn and she looked like she hadn’t had a good night sleep in a while. The gun shook in her hands, it would be easy to knock it out, but the initial movement could spook her and I could get shot before I got the chance to get close to her. I should probably avoid spooking her. I slowly put my hands above my head trying to make myself look as scared as she was.

“Anyone else?” she said, her voice became a more confident with the grip of her fear releasing her, but it was obvious that it was still there. I shook my head. She turn her head around calling two names “D-David, N-Nick”. While her head wasn't facing me I glanced around the room for my bow. I shouldn't have put it down, then again I wasn't expecting company. I look back to the floor before she turned back to me. Two men ran into the room, one was hench and angry looking, the other was slightly smaller but not by much.

“Good work Lucy” The bigger man said giving a sinister chuckle, she didn't seem to revel in the compliment. The smaller man crouched down next to me his pistol hanging loosely between his fingers “now, what should we do with you”. The women didn't seem hostile but these men obviously were.

“We take his stuff and then dispose of him” The Bigger man said without emotion. ‘Dispose’ the word repeated in my head ‘dispose’ means kill. The smaller man chuckled a little looking to the other man but his face turned to shock as an Infected rounded the corner and bit straight into the shoulder of the bigger man he grunted in pain pushing the Infected of him to then smash its face in with the butt of his rifle, as three more Infected rounded the corner. This was as good a chance as any to get out. Almost instinctively I grabbed the gun that the smaller man let swing between his fingers. Pushing him to the ground, instantly aiming at him and putting to bullets into his chest. The Bigger man looked around to his dead friend, his face struggling to contain the pain in his shoulder, but as he did the Infected swarmed him turning his grunts to screams. I turned the gun to the group of Infected who were now tearing into the mans flesh. That takes care of him I thought releasing a little smile before put three bullets into the heads of the three Infected that covered the man and then put a fourth into the head of the man himself to keep him dead.

I stood over the bodies that littered the room, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. I’m missing something. The woman, where is she? I turn around to see the woman looking at me. She look terrified. I didn't blame her I did just kill the two men she was with and 3 Infected in a matter of seconds. She was scanning the room with her eyes. What was she looking for? Then her eyes locked onto something on the floor between us. I followed her eyes down to a rifle, the big man must have dropped after he was swarmed by the Infected.

“Don’t do it” I said trying to sound calm but it came out sounding more as anger. Her face turned from fear to determination as she ran towards the gun, but before she even got close I shot a bullet through her heart. Her limp body fell to the ground, her face scraping on the wooden floor.

I sat on a table my feet just touching the ground as they swung back and forth. I looked around the room. It was a kitchen with a dining table in the middle. Once again I glanced over to the untouched group of bodies that littered the ground. I could bury them but there was no point, it would be a waste of time and energy and they did try to kill me so why should… My thought was distracted by a noise of something falling over in another room. An Infected must of hit something while stumbling around. I should have clear the place before settling down. I picked up the bow that sat next to me and drew an arrow from my quiver, no point wasting a bullet or making anymore noise for that matter.

I cleared each room, pointing my bow around the rooms. Nothing interesting one room had an empty weapon cabinet, usually the only useful room was the kitchen because there might be left over food but it didn't hurt to check every room just in case you get lucky. One last room. I pushed the door, as it swung open it creaked, I saw a fallen pile of books that look like they were stacked up against a big wardrobe. I walked into what appeared to be some type of storage room. The room was empty, no Infected to be seen and they're not really ones to hide. I turned to go back to the kitchen but then I heard something again not something falling over but a sniff. It was quite, the sound of the floorboards almost smothered it. It came from the wardrobe, I slowly walked towards it, the floorboards creaking underfoot as I got closer the sniffs became more frequent and soon I could hear breathing, whoever it was they were struggling to keep their breath quite. I lent my ear against the door of the wardrobe The breaths stopped, a silence filled the cold crisp air. I stepped away from the wardrobe gathering my thoughts finally deciding I need to get this person to come out.

“I know you’re in there” I said calmly, silence.

“I’m not going to hurt you” still silence, “don’t make me come in a get you” my voice started to fill with frustration but I calmed myself. A few seconds past, more silence. I took off my backpack and grabbed some coiled rope. Never thought I would get to use this I thought looking down at the rope that was starting to uncoil itself in my hand. I went up to the door to listen again. And once again the breaths stop as a leant my ear against the cold wooden door. I tied the rope around the handle and slow crept back to the door of the small storage room.

“Last Chance” I said with a small smile across my face. Silence. Fine. I pulled on the rope and the door swung open with a loud mixture of sounds as the door knocked over several piles of books and the scream of the young girl who charged out with a small yellow pocket knife in her hands that looked like it would have a hard time slicing butter, none the less me. She was small, maybe ten or eleven years old. Her hair was black and greasy, she wore a small blue backpack and some old clothes that looked a little too big for her. Her eyes red sore with tears. She noticed me in the doorway my face a picture of shock and my bow pointed at her frozen with surprise.

What felt like an eternity past as we stood staring at each other. Questions flickered through my mind. Who is she? How did she survive this long? Was she with that group? Were they her parents? Did I kill her parents?

“What the fuck!” A male voice, it came from the kitchen. This really isn’t my day. I look to the girl who was slow backing back to the wardrobe her eyes glued down the hallway from where the voice came. She looked to me, she looked terrified.

“Help me” she whispered her words scared me. How bad must this guy be for her to ask me for help. I putting my finger up to my mouth, she nodded. Guiding her back to the wardrobe, she accidentally knocking over another pile of books. They came down with a crash. Silence filled the air once more. Then the creaking of wood floorboards getting closer and closer. I’m out of options I pulled out the small man’s pistol that was tucked into the back of my trousers and hid behind the open door pushing the small girl in behind me. The footsteps stopped at the door I could hear the man breathing beside me.

“Isabelle” he called taking a few steps forward. The girl buried her head in into my back. The man continued to walk into the room. He walked up to the wardrobe putting a hand on each handle. Time to take my move. I crept forward pulling the girl with me, keeping my gun aiming at his head. Sweat dripped down my neck. The man started to laugh maniacally. The girl stumbled backwards hitting her head on the frame of the door causing her to release a small cry. I turned to look but as I did the man spun around knocking the gun out of my hand and headbutting me to the floor. My head spun as I laid on the floor trying to pick myself up. The large foot of the man landed on my chest, pushing me back to the ground. He picked up my gun from the floor beside me. My head was still spinning as the man put the gun to my head.

“Any last words” the man said with his crazed laugh. I reached for his leg trying to push it off me. I closed my eyes putting all my strength into his leg. The man screamed as the pressure on my chest released. I opened my eyes to see the small girl being pushed away and the yellow pocket knife stuck in the leg of the screaming man. I pushed his leg straight up causing him to fall flat on his back with a large crack as some of the floorboards gave way. I pulled my gun from the dazed mans hands and pointed at his head instantly releasing a bullet.

“Shouldn't have took so long” I told the corpse as I tucked the gun back in my trousers. I breathed out, my eyes scanning the big man, he was much larger than the other two I killed but looked pretty much the same. I looked to the girl, she laid lifelessly on the floor. I stumbled over to her. I should check if she okay. I hesitated before putting two fingers on her neck. There was still a strong pulse and no signs of bleeding. “She’s just knocked out” I murmured to myself staring at small girl. Shaking my head back into reality.

“We need to get out of here.” I whispered putting my arms around the girl and with a groan I lifted her from the ground.

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Good stuff man. I hope you plan on writing more. It's a long read, but it was worth it. Nice job.

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