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Carl Mathson and his story.

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Hello I'm Carl Mathson. I found this book so i'm thinking it would be my it could be my diary. I don't like writing a lot so i'm going to tell you my story before this... And how I lost my mind

I was a fisher. Not a pretty story ehh? Well I gained a lot of money so shut up. Oh and by the way I will call u Tony okay? Back to the story. I had a girlfriend. Well she was my wife actually as I remember. We had both families trip. We even ordered a freaking private plane! We were traveling to Trabzon, Turkey. A nice vacation it could of been. If not our pilot... He was drunk apparently we realized that 10 minutes before the crash... I don't remember how i survived. But i woke up right after the explosion. All of my friends... My family were screaming... Can you imagine the horror i saw? Fortunately my brother and girlfriend survived. We had nothing to do just go scavenge for food... We crashed near the border of Chernarus.

We walked for days, no weeks. Then we crashed in to a group of people. We asked where we are and they said near north west. I couldn't understand what they meant but we asked if we could join them. They allowed us. All I understood some kind of battle been in these lands and now all people are surviving. In a middle of our conversation it came... It was so ugly... Black clothing... Ugly and bloody face... He was dead but alive? They called him Zed. All he did think about was brain... He was killed.

I cant write anymore today gonna end it tomorrow :3 By the way Its going to be long i think ^^.

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