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Greetings from West of Chernarus!

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Hello, ladies and gents!

I am Mikhail and I am a Russian who lives in Bulgaria. For those of you, who are lacking geography skills, that is right west of Chernarus, across the Black Sea.

I just joined this delightful community and put in my whitelist app not 10 minutes ago (really hope it gets accepted.. but if it doesn't I've got two more tries, right? so there you go :D ).

I only wanted to drop in and say 'hello' for now. Will lurk around these forums till my app gets processed. Have a great day, everyone!

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Thank you. Looking forward to playing with everyone!

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УРАА! My whitelist was just accepted!

I'll just post in my old thread, no need to create a new one.

Can't wait to get on and play when the servers are back up! :) So excited!

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Guest alexandru1208

Well Zdrasti there from Romania, neighbor. Glad to have you accepted into DayZRP, I'm still in the Whitelist phase and hope I'll get accepted too.

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And Salut to you, mate! :)

Hope everything goes smoothly for you as well! But if it doesn't I highly recommend contacting a Community Helper on TS. That helped me a lot.

Hope to see you in game!

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