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Thane Jax

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Thane Jax was just a simple teenage boy that grew in South Carolina. He was raised on a farm so was especially good at growing and harvesting crops. Thane would go to school from 7am-3pm, then return straight to the farm. The weekends would be especially fun for him because he could do his favorite thing of all, shoot guns with his dad. Thane had his very own Mosin Nagant sniper rifle. He loved this thing to pieces and wouldn't let anyone touch it. Thane Jax was heading down a very rough path when he met a boy named Alex Fredington. Alex got Thane in to all kinds of trouble involving drugs. Thane didn't just do the drugs but worst started to sell the drugs. Thane was a lower class boy that didn't have much money. He found dealing drugs to be very profitable. What he didn't know was that how much his drug dealing would effect him and his family. Thane woke up one morning hearing screaming and yelling. He jumped out of bed as he saw three armed men in black suits in his living room. He recognized one of them. Jimmy Green one of the biggest drug dealers in south Carolina. Thane has owed Jimmy $50,000 for 6 months now. The armed men tied up Thane, his mother and father then put them on a helicopter out front. One of the men was coming out of the house with Thanes Mosin, his heart broke. They took off into the air having no idea if they would be alive the next day. The family exchanged a I love you to one another as the helicopter began to beep rapidly. Then men yelled were out of gas! Jimmy and the armed men put on a parachute and leaped out of the helicopter. The family was drenched in fear. Thane quickly got his hands untied from the rope and found a parachute. He began to cry as he realized that he picked up the last parachute. His father looked into his eyes and told him to jump now and don't look back. Thane didn't want it to end like this but he grabbed him Mosin and leaped out. He then woke up the next morning soaked washed up on a beach. Thane thought to him self that he must have passed out when he jumped. He stood up and out of the corner of his eye saw the blown up helicopter in the distance. Thane has never ran so fast in his life. When he got to the crash it was nothing but smokes and flames. His parents were no where in sight. Thanes only mission now was to find Jimmy and end him! I will find you Jimmy. (This is my character info on my whitelist app) How was it?

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