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Guest b3rry

Hiya boys and girls :3

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Guest b3rry

Whatsup everybody? I just figured to post something because all of the things with the 30 day somtinsomtin removal :DD Anyhow I really look forward into playing with ya guys!

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Why hello there, welcome to this wonderful place. A place of mayhem and mischief, great sadness and joy... A place where if you are weird, you fit in with us...

Now take a gander round, handy hints and tricks await..

Perhaps look at these fine examples as a good place to start... Oh yes, how quaint.


Community Rules

Guide Section

DayZRP Standalone Lore

Lore and Stories

Beyond that, if you require aid as you acquaint your self to our community you can ask me... Or any of the Orange heroes roaming around...

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Hey and welcome to DayZRP. To get that all important first post you need to post somewhere other than here, intro, off topic and forums games don't count towards your post count here. Just find anywhere else on the forums to get involved in a thread and you're solid.

Any questions you have then send to the Comunnity Helpers in the orange like myself. Also a little recommended reading to help you settle in here:




Get active on the forums and take your time with your whitelist application.

Good luck.

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