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You can play without it. However it is needed in case of certain report situations, wouldn't hurt to have it installed.

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You can play without it, but it's helpful to have.

If you group up with people you can communicate with them in TS. This makes things like meeting up with people you enjoy playing with easier. It is also come in handy if you need to be talked to by staff or someone needs to get into contact with you.

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Is it absolutely required to play? No, it is not.

In reports, which if you play a lot you will inevitably be involved in, it is always good to talk it out over teamspeak.

Teamspeak is also a great way to get to know other community members without just normal forum communication, so I would recommend using it for that reason as well.

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Teamspeak is not required but I strongly suggest using it as it is a easy way to communitcate with friends and also get in contact with staff member...with the above answers and my own, I will mark this as solved but if you have any more questions just jump into teamspeak and you can consult with a staff member;)


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