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  • Sapphire

Hi all. I do not know, if this is the right forum for my question. Atm I´m working on a detailled background of my character. During writing the background, I asked myself, if there is a detailled, official background for the virus outbreak in Cheranus. If not, I´d like to write a background.

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  • MVP

There is not an official time-line or a history of the infection. However, a number of people have tried to expand on the storyline and create a series of events leading up to it and how it may have happened.

Have a look at these and feel free to create your own or incorporate them with yours:

A Doctor's thoughts:


A history book of Chernarus and the running up to the infection (Beta):


Similar position to you:


The infection:


The rest is up to you. :)

Edit: Is your name 'sausage head'? :D

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