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** In the early morning at Trade Post...

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** In the very early morning the 13th of March, a mysterious figure limps into Trade Post, carring a deadbody on his shoulders. He strolls in, dropping the body on the floor violently as he lets out a moan which would probably wake up the majority of the people, then dropping onto his knees, blankly staring at the corpse with his palms resting on his legs. He's got bruises all over his face and it seems he's been bleeding severely. There's dried up blood all across his neck and face and hands, and he's got an improvised patch on his forehead, made out of tape and toilet paper.

Suddenly the figure yells "This is what happens when they try to escape!" He pauses for a few seconds, still having his attention fixed onto the corpse, then resuming to yell again: "This man, wanted to be free, like me. But there is a however a sheer difference between him and me. He tried to run, and I did not. They took his life."

The figure remained silent whilst still staring at the body, clenching his fists and squinting his eyes out of inner anger. Several people whom have woken up gathered around him and the corpse, some of them shocked, most of them just curious about what the hell is going on.

One man approached the vague figure and sat next to him, placing his palm onto the figure's back to comfort him whilst he asked: "Who did this to you two?" The mysterious, barely recognizable man just sat there for a good 30 seconds, staring at the body whilst tearing up, before replying. "S-somalian Death Squad" he stuttered with a lowered voice. He stood up slowly and limped away while holding his destroyed buttocks in pain...

(( I will not elaborate this story any further from an ooc perspective. What's happened here are based on actual in-game events, and I would like to keep this entirely in-character and I will leave the unanswered questions for you to figure out IC-ly as I don't want to metagame any information. ))

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Hahahaha. Poor buttocks.

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