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Hello! Excited to (Maybe) Join Everyone

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Hey, everyone!

Just submitted my Whitelist application after pouring over the rules and browsing the forums. I know to have tempered expectations, considering the queue right now, but I'm excited! I've seen many hours of DayZ RP footage on YouTube and Twitch and I'd love to get in the mix.

I've also got some improv background and really like to DM tabletop groups when I can, so I have a big thing for story-telling. Not to mention that I'm a tad embarrassed on my ~200 hours logged on DayZ Standalone.

Anyway, nice to meet you all. See you on the server!

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Hay guys. Hope to be joining everyone soon. Just sent in my second attempt at the whitelist app. This is definitely the way DayZ was meant to be played and I hope to be apart of it soon. Wish me luck! :D

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Guest Doug Quade

Hello and welcome to the community. Make sure that you get a ton of pointers regarding your whitelist app before you submit it.

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Welcome one, welcome all.

Any dramas, problems, question etc please send them our way.

Good luck with the whitelist applications, it'll be worth the effort, trust me. (Says the guy who is ashamed to admit he hasn't RP'd in weeks.)

Stay safe out there and enjoy.

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