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A Voice in the Dark (All Frequencies)

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Lucia sighed, leaning against the concrete wall as moonlight filtered through the window. The rain had provided a soothing lullaby, and she'd slept for hours, but now, in the quiet of the night, with the wind rustling gently through the trees, she couldn't sleep. She sat, rolling the radio over in her hands for several minutes, before finally keying it up.

"Hello, Chernarus. It's me again. I hope I'm not waking too many of you up."

She sighs, then continues.

"In the scope of two weeks, I've gone from having nobody in this bleak world, to having a makeshift family, to finding out that said family has torn itself apart under the boot of terrible leadership and insurmountable adversity."

"To Spartak, and to Vika, I offer my deepest condolences at the loss of our mutual friend Jeremiah. I know what it feels like to lose someone close to you, and to lose them to an act of betrayal is even more poignant."

"To Jeremiah, in whatever afterlife you inhabit. We only met a few times, and you were somewhat aggressive towards me when we did, but at your core, you seemed to truly believe in what SOS claimed to stand for. You were a loyal friend, and while I never got to know you, the effect your death has had on those I've come to trust speaks volumes of the integrity of your character. I wish I'd truly had time to learn the kind of man you were."

"And to Kristof Vander..."

She pauses, grinding her teeth for a moment, taking a breath, and then continuing...

"I am not a woman of violence. I have never contemplated revenge, nor have I ever supported the cause of violence, but your actions are genuinely testing the mettle of my integrity. For as long as you inhabit Chernarus, you will be a hunted man, and while I won't be the one to pull the trigger, I can promise you that the one that does will have every ounce of assistance I can provide, not to mention my eternal gratitude."

"We are the Harbingers of Hope, and we will lift Chernarus from the pain and suffering wrought by this new age, or we will die trying."

She releases the button and turns the radio off, content to listen to the rustling leaves and stare at the hazy moonlight.

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Guest Likurja

*Viktor reaches for his radio as his frequency is intersected by some random woman*


*Viktor puts his radio back in his vest*

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Guest Doug Quade

*overhears Lucia on the radio*

Shakes head in disbelief " man I was just there only a couple days ago"

*keys up the mic* - "Lucia, I am sorry to hear what has occurred, I remember hearing about this Kristoff guy, and even recall seeing him leading a few into that Medical Building to be recruited. Something seemed off about this place, I just couldn't put my finger on it. Maybe it was that creepy guy Tom, that I met at the well up the street that had something to do with it? Not sure.

"takes a deep breath to recompose his thoughts"

*If you need anything, I am here to help, we might need to make a group of our own, with decent people that can be trusted.* Food for thought, over and out.................*

Drops the radio back into his pack and gets ready to hit the road.....

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Phil sits on the porch of a ruined hunting lodge, looking over the valley below. He takes a pull from the bottle of whiskey he found underneath the floorboards of the bar while he listens to the transmission. He lets out a long, frustrated sigh while he rubs his forehead.

"I picked a hell of a time to disappear."

He thumbs on the radio.

"Lucia? It's Phil. Can you talk on this frequency? What in the shit is happening down there?"

He sets the radio on his lap, takes a long swig from the bottle, and mumbles something to himself about needing a cigarette.

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*Kristof wakes to Lucia's voice, his shakes nearly unbearable now. Oh how he's missed his home, and Lucia only sparked his interest. The past couple of days have been a living hell for Kristof filled with guilt and pain.

*His eyes light up when his name is heard then he begins to fill with rage as the threat comes into his mind, grinding his teeth he grabs some of the meat in backpack gnawing on it to calm himself. He kept quiet as he spoke for he didn't want to wake the others around him, they needed the sleep.

*Kristof snaps the radio on, "Zou have thoroughly disappointed me Vucia, Jevemiah vas a spy, a spy who veminded me my own son who died in ze place far far avay. I vas about to go to ze home I vonce voved and now zou do zis! Jevemiah threatened ze SoS and I could not just kill him, I did vhat I needed to for ze greater good. Joseph, I mean Jevemiah vas going to setup plans for ze enemy to have ze assault on us. But if zou don't vealize zis than so be it. SoS vill vemain ze safe haven it shall be vithout zou! Traitors vill be dealt vith, and if I veft Jevemiah avone zou vould all be hostages or dead. Zis may be too much for zou, but it ze truth." Kristof clicks the radio off as he looks to the ground.

"Civil Var." He murmured to himself as tears fall from his face, the one thing Kristof didn't want to happen. His twitching grew with the stress as he tried to rest again, but the gnawing feeling of not having a home gripped at him for another restless night.

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*Morde hears the roar of his radio as Lucia's voice is transmitted and clicks his radio on*

"Well, though I see your point Kristof was 100% justified in his actions. He didn't lead to the death of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was the death of Jeremiah. I hate for it to be this way but if Kristof is being hunted then I guess I am being hunted as well, but be warned, if you come after us you are as good as dead!"

*Morde smirks as he puts his radio back in his bag*

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While cleaning various things for the people who travel with him he listens to his Radio - as he hears a familar voice he decides to listen, to the responses and all the other things coming up on this frequency. After a while of static he starts to speak

"Hello there - I heard that people call you Lucia. I am Eric. We already talked over Radio one time. You didnt respond to me... or my radio was off at that time. Anyway - you are Peacefull... its rare in these times. Well... I never met someone who is really peacefull that much.

A moment of silent, still with the radio on, he takes a swip from his water bottle

"It seems that all of you are in kind of a... disagreement. People died, did I got that right? That should never happen... we have enogh killing already. Nothing justifies death but times changed uh? Strange place anyway at the Krasnostav Airport - You guys fist fight a lot. Anyway...

Try to solve this in a right way and dont make people suffer...its a hard world and you dont need to make it harder

A click and its just static again.

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

*A voice, presumably from a Chernarussian or a Russian, breaks the abrupt yet eerie silence

Я не являюсь истины , независимо от того, кто говорит это.

Я за справедливость,

Независимо от того, кто это за или против ...

*after the message was delivered, static began and ensued

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*Kristof nods to the Russian overhearing the frequency basically being a translator for him as he tells him in English. Kristof clicks the radio,

"Vell zen Vussian, zou can sure support an enemy but vemember justice for zhose not guilty only makes zou ze monster." He clicks his radio off right before he makes an impulsive cackle of laughter.

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*Jackson hears his radio crackle to life, after hearing the message he thinks hard about his past experiences with his group*

"Lucia I may have met you just at passing before, I want to warn you. Ever since Jeremiah's death the group has....changed."

*He pauses the transmission and makes up his clouded mind*

*His voice is hurried and at almost a whisper.*

"I am willing to provide information of what has been going on as of late. The SOS that you knew and I joined has changed. These people are dangerous and should not be taken lightly. Stay safe, signing off."

*Placing his radio in his backpack, Jackson looks all around him and bolts into an ally in the vast city of Chernogorsk*

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