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Randy Johan McReady-- ADHD, a Teddy Bear and a Man

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This is my bio for my character Randy J McReady. I just ask that you be kind with your scrutiny of my bio since it is one of my first times writing any kind of story, and I'm sure ill get better as i become more active in the forums.

Character Name: Randy Johan McReady

Height: 180.34cm (5'7")

Weight: 65.77Kg (145lbs)

hair: brown

eyes: blue

Traits: he was a welder before the infection broke out and can fix just about anything mechanical and knows a lot about survivalist techniques due to a childhood and young adulthood of camping. helpful to anyone who looks like they need it.

Flaws: He has ADHD which causes him to lose focus, sometimes at the worst times. He carries around a teddy bear that he is compelled to hold and look at every 5 to 10 minutes. He has never been in a life or death fight before and isn't sure he could kill someone even if he has to.


It was such a sunny day for October, Randy thought to himself as he gazed out the window in the HR manager's office.

"Randy are you listening to me!?", the HR manager asked getting Randy's attention back on him. "do you know what is at stake here."

"Yeah," Randy replied, " I need to take a vacation to decompress, and if my behavior continues after that I will be forced to resign."

"Exactly, a vacation will do you good," the fat HR manager retorted." It would be a shame to lose you, especially over a stuffed polar bear. Since you haven't had a vacation in five years the boss and I want to believe that built up stress caused the incident, but if you don't i suggest getting a prescription from your doctor for antidepressants."

Randy quickly shot back,"I was already evaluated, and they--THAT WAS AFTER YOUR WIFE DIED!"the HR manager interrupted, "it was plain to everyone that the hope of getting your daughter back was the only thing keeping you from falling apart. Now please prove me and everyone on that foundry floor wrong and go on vacation." After a few moments of silence the manager go up and opened the door for Randy. Happy to leave Randy quickly exited the office and quickly made for the exit out of the foundry. "Out of curiosity where have to decided to take your vacation?" the manager yelled to Randy as he was leaving.


"WHAT!?", the manager exclaimed, "That place was a fucking war zone a few years back!"

"Yeah, 'WAS'" Randy replied as he exited the foundry. After he entered his car Randy opened his jacket and pulled out his daughter's stuffed polar bear. He looked at it for a few moments and quickly put it away. He drove home to prepare for his one month vacation to Chernarus.

Chapter 1: childhood and school

Randy Johan McReady was born an only child on June 6th, 1988 in Cincinnati Ohio to a Marine and a pediatrician. Having a German/Irish heritage his father decided to give him the middle name Johan to reveal both sides of it.

His childhood was well enough, he had many friends and was for the most part active and outgoing. As he got older he didn't outgrow his ability to get distracted. It was clear in the second grade that Randy was getting too sidetracked and distracted whenever he tried to do his school work causing his grades to decline, and after a few tests it was clear that he had ADHD. Since both of his parents could never be home to coach him to do better except on weekends when he and his father would hunt and fish. he was immediately put on Adderall, and his grades improved allowing to pass the second grade, although: his personality changed with them. He was no longer outgoing and active since the rare anti social side effects of Adderall made him more reserved, aloof, and even a little paranoid. He stilled enjoyed camping with his father,but as time went on he lost friend after friend. The medication caused him not to care. He could entertain himself for hours just by staring at a wall ,and he stayed thin since the meds also killed his appetite making eating and drinking a chore.

It wasn't until he was 15 ,when both of his parents were killed in a car accident while on their way to his induction into his high school's "National Honor Society", when his life really started to turn bad. Blaming himself he spiraled into a depression, which he couldn't get out of since he had no one to really console him. His grandparents, who became his legal guardians, tried to help, but they couldn't get through to him. I also didn't help that the depression caused his grades to slip, which caused him to become even more depressed. He was on the verge of suicide and would have probably killed himself if he hadn't met Rachel when he did.

Rachel was a new girl at the school who somehow became enchanted by Randy. After a lot of persistence she broke through Randy's shell and lifted him from his depression. With her help and a visit to the doctor it was decided that Randy get off of Adderall. He became outgoing and active again, and after that two of them were inseparable from homecoming to prom and graduation.

Chapter 2: Love and Loss

Randy and Rachel got married immediately after high school graduation, and Rachel became pregnant that same summer. Although Rachel's parents were upset by this in regards to their future Randy stayed optimistic and certain that it would turn out all right. He did get accepted into a 9 month welding program with the graduation date coinciding with Rachel's due date. They often joked about which would come first: the diploma or the baby. The baby turned out to be 2 weeks late and the certification came with a decent job and it seemed common issues like money weren't going to arise. Finally Rachel went into labor and their baby was about to be born. In the waiting room Randy couldn't help but imagine what his new life was going to be like, but he never imagined Rachel would die during child birth.

After being told he was the father of a healthy baby girl he was told that due to complication from labor that Rachel wasn't going to make it. He decided to give her the name that Rachel wanted, Sally. To make matters worse Rachel's parents claimed that Randy was unfit to be a parent claiming that he blamed Sally on Rachel's death when he ,in fact, blamed himself. After 7 years he proved to be fit as a parent granting him custody of Sally. She sent him her teddy bear along with a letter about how excited she was to finally be with her father. The next week Randy went to the airport and waited for her plane to arrive. The plane arrived, but he couldn't find Sally or her grandparents at the terminal. He tried calling them but got not response. Finally, he got the news that Sally and both grandparents were killed in a car accident on their way to the airport. Blaming himself again Randy sank back into a depression reading and rereading sally's letter again and again.

He kept the white teddy bear on him at all times, and he couldn't go five minutes without having to look at it. A coworker decided to take the bear causing Randy to beat the man senseless. After that incident Randy's boss told him that He needed a vacation, and Randy decided that a camping trip in Chernarus would be the best way to get away from it all and clear his head.

Chapter 3: Vacation

He arrived to Chernarus on October 6 just one day before patient zero. Randy Stayed at the hotel in Chernogorsk ,and he went on a hunting and fishing trip at Lake Prud through October 17. On his way back to Chernogorsk he saw a person about 100 meters from the road who look very injured and sickly. He stopped his car and called out to the figure. The shambling man turned and sprinted towards him and tackled Randy to the ground despite his attempts to calm the zed down. He reached for his revolver in his holster and fired all six shots into his attacker, hitting its head on the last shot. He was bitten and scraped but otherwise unharmed, and he applied a bandage from his first aid kit to stop the bleeding. He was about to get the ID of the man who attacked him when he saw ten more figures sprinting towards him and knowing the danger his quickly got in his car and sped off. When Randy arrived in Chernogorsk he went straight to the hospital to have the bite on his arm looked at, After the doctor heard what happened Randy was immediately put into quarantine. When he didn't show any symptoms he was released on the 21st.

He planned to leave the country, but he had to stay in the hotel due to the government declaring marshal law. The next day when the infection hit the city he and a few of his fellow tourists helped get food and water to the hotel and even defended it from a handful of zombies that probably turned within the city. He let a displaced family stay in his hotel room, and helped even more refugees find a place within the hotel. He was ordered UN forces to stop claiming that his action would get in their way, they confined him to his hotel room when he tried to argue. Randy didn't lose his temper until the 23rd when they forced him and the family to leave his hotel room to make room for a UN official that had just arrived. The UN soldiers were still man handling him past the perimeter that had be established around the hotel when the plane crashed into it. To his disdain after the smoke cleared the official that took his room was one of the few from the upper floors to survive. With no where else to go he and the family head east towards Electrozavodsk, but Randy insists that they continue to Berezino and possibly even Svetlojarsk. They arrived to Svetlojarsk on the 29th and after hearing that Svetlojarsk is the last remaining city on the 2nd he tells the family that he cannot stay. He gave them most of his food and warm clothing, and with nothing but a flashlight and the teddy bear he went north hoping that staying mobile would keep the infected off of him.

As time went on he realized that the undead weren't only the least of his worries. Bandits preyed on the week and helpless and he was unable to help. As he searched for food he found a lot of ammo, and just as he was about to question eating the bullets themselves he stumbled across a man wearing a bike helmet he guessed was a bandit. Before the man could order him to put his hands in the air Randy said,"that's a nice gun you got there." staring at the man's SKS.

"What did you just say!" the man barked at him.

"It must take 7.76x39mm ammo right?"

"Yes....are you saying you have some?"

"I sure am and for on can of food ill trade 40 rounds." After the man paused for what to Randy seemed like hours the Bike helmet man finally said, " that will work for me."

Randy gave the man the ammo and then gave him 20 more,"Here are 20 free since you are my first customer today," he said better than any used car salesman. Astonished the bike helmet man then asked if he had any rounds for his m1911. He did and only ask for something to drink in return. He did have cola ,and they traded and parted with polite goodbyes but not before the man asked his name. Randy replied," Everyone calls me ,Randy I trade ammo. You can always count on me for all of your ammo needs." After the man left Randy new his place in this new world. He rarely approached anyone after that without asking if they needed ammo.

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Interesting story, even though the SKS takes 7.62x39mm :P

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Story was intresting, took some time of studies to read this.

Now I had a question(s)

Do you actually have ADHD? I just wanted to ask because some people think having ADHD means you're bipolar and stupid.. Which isn't true I guess. Anyways I am worried because the diagnosis of ADHD has become way to commom and the meds are mass produced along side something else, rumors.

A lot of people, even the ones who have ADHD don't understand what it does exactly and how the medication helps.. It's basically a subjet which should be handled delicatly to make sure you don't go on claiming it makes you want to kill everyone o_O. I just say this because I have seen people say ADHD people are morons and etc (Not knowing I have it because I hide it to stay "Normal"). Also I have found helping with ADHD without medicin very hard, not an addict but what I understood the more you grow up the more quantity you need it in since you are getting taller and larger etc. What makes me laugh is how people think the tablet cures ADHD for a few hours which it doesn't.

Side from my PoV on ADHD I really ! Liked the story :)

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i actually have ADHD, and i hated taking the medicine when i was a teenager. The side effects are awful, because it is literally capsules of amphetamines. Fast heart rate, no appetite, and trouble sleeping are just a few of the side effects. I am currently not taking the meds and i am doing fine without them. If you ask me the best way to tell if some one has ADHD is to give them coffee. If it calms them down then the caffeine is effecting their brain similarly to the way the Adderall does. Since this is my first time RPing in a real time manner and not turn based like D&D I thought that basing him loosely on myself in this way and a few others would be the best way for me to stay in character. Like me, he is to the point and will become bored if someone spends too much time on a subject he doesn't care for.

As for intelligence? I learn best with my hands so i am going into welding school(like my character) for 9 months and then i plan on going to college in Engineering. We aren't stupid we just become bored a little more easily and have a tendency to be a little more impulsive.

PS. I might update his bio as time goes on and he has more interactions with other people in Chernarus. Will he get better or will he get worse? Only time will tell.

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