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Alex Kozak (Under Revision)

Guest Agald

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Guest Agald

-= ID =-

Name: Kozak, Alex

Age: 22

DOB: 04/14/1990

POB: Boston, massachusetts

Address: *********

HT: 6' 1"

WT: 205 lbs

Eye: Hazel

Hair: Brown

--- Quick Biography ---

Alex was born into a nice family living in Boston. Lived an alright life in the city and moved out and up into New Hampshire when he was 13 to live in the rural area. The change was a huge life changer for Alex, going from city life to living surrounded by forest and the nearest house is a quarter of a mile away. Alex quickly fell in love with the forest. When Alex was 17 He began to look at things to do and was looking over all the military branches and his searched ended with the Coast Guard. Alex eventually visited the Coast Guard base down in Boston and spoke with a recruiter where he eventually filled out the forums. He scored a 147 with his Sidearm and a 182 with his M14-T which granted him the marksmanship award in both. He went to Basic over the summer.

--- Military Back story ---

Finishing Basic up in early fall Alex was now E-3 a Fireman. Alex served in the Boston USCG Base as security for his first few months. He was later assigned to work off the coast in the middle east to help prevent pirating. Alex used a standard issued M-14T as his primary and his sidearm was the .40 Cal Sig Sauer P229R. Alex was eventually Recognized for his accuracy even when firing off a boat which is rocking back in forth in the ocean. Alex was eventually contacted by members of the Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron (HITRON). Alex was an Aerial Gunner, He was issued a ROBAR RC-50 because his main job was to take out the engines of boats refusing to stop, He also used it to take down hostile pirates in multiple hostage situations. Alex worked with HITRON from the age of 20 until 22. He operated in numerous anti terrorism operations round world as well as relief efforts. During his time serving with HITRON he made his way up the ranks to E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class. Eventually his last name became his call sign which his crew called him when under fire the pilot shouted out "Kozak, RPG left side!". Alex then fired 3 shots center mass from a moving Seahawk putting the man on his ass. Alex was off the coast of Chernarus flying back from an Anti-Pirate operation they had just completed. During this flight back they received fire from the coast Alex's pilot was struck in the shoulder causing the chopper to drop down and plunge into the ocean. Before hitting the water Alex managed to grab what he could and hop out. He then proceeded to drag who he could to the coast and preform CPR. As he continued to assist his unconscious team members a group of armed men moved up and surrounded him and knocked him Unconscious by smashing the stock into the back of his head.

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