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Guest OgGamer1

Hello, everyone

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Guest OgGamer1

My Name Doc "Evans' Holiday an American Doctor who volunteered to come to Chernarus during a flu epidemic in the Northern Region. After 6 months of living there, I was given a small house in the far north near the first small town I saved from the flu. I was comfortable living here vs America. I made the move permanent. The Severograd General Hospital heard word of the American doctor and asked for my help with an odd sickness hitting the people of the city. I traveled between Severograd and Chernogorsk trying to help as many people as I was able to. Deep inside, I knew that this country does not have the resources to battle this but continued to press on to at least slow the sickness down. Once the sickness took a strangle hold on the population, I felt as if I could not do no more. The bodies started to pile up. Unable to stem the tide, I went back to his home to stay out of the way of the storm that was coming. After spending 3 years in my bunker under my house, I emerged to find the plague did not claim everyone but converted them to the undead. I now travels the country side. I still look to help those who need help, defend those that need defended, and survive in the world as is now.

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