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My Name is Jeff

Gday Everybody

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Hey Mate,

I am new to this but I fuckin think that this is the best idea but I do need friends to play with your a group to join if anybody wants me. I am Aussie and fuckin love being a badass or badie. I will see ya out there you will know its me by me farming in a cowboy hat

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Yay another aussie

Gg m8 welcum 2 da club

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You fuckin' beauty. Let's all fuckin' get some choice as gear and crack open some tinnies, ay mate. Maybe after a bit of DayZRP we can hit up the RSL for a good ol' feed!

One of the few fellow Australians I met in game on DayZRP later robbed me for what little ammunition and weaponry I had. He was killed minutes later (by truly loyal gun toting American allies). I'm happier because of it.

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