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The Masquerade - All channels

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*Radio turns on*

*Creepy carnival music playing from mp3*

"There was once a mighty king who had hired a clown to please him and make him laugh.

After years passed, though, he got tired of the clown's jokes and decided to get rid of him.

He told him the following:

" Clown" he said, " I will leave "no chance"...."

"You have to say something... If you tell the truth I will hang you and if you tell a lie i will decapitate you..."

After the clown thought for a while, he said something and the king had to let him live.

What did the clown reply?"

*Laughing of joy and the screaming of pain can be heard in the background*

"Welcome to the dark carnival brothers!"

*A shot is heard and the screaming stops*

*The laughing grows uncontrollably*

"Remember The Masquerade..."

*Radio turns off*

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*The radio comes to life, you hear the loud sound of footsteps*

"This is Viktor Reznikov, We are being chased down by many groups and we need to come to a meeting to discuss these things. Some of the same people hunting us are hunting you. We need to wipe them out for good before things get out of control".

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Guest Likurja

I swear to god you fucking lunatics always seem to find my frequency. GET THE FUCK OUT KURVA!

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*Eduard is sitting on his porch while flipping through frequnecys, he rubs the back of his neck confusingly as he hears another man reply to the broadcast before turning on his radio*

*a slow but deep English responds to the radio broadcast*

"Uh.. I do not thinks you know who you are wanting to fight next to, Victor.. I'd be more worried of whos in cover next to you rather then enemie across fields infront of you. Diplomacy with your enemy might be safer... "

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*Ztz* *Static Ensues* *Ztz*

"Pendejo.. how do I use dis thing? Fuck....

"Hello? Is dis the Payaso residence? You guys are fucking crazy, yes.. but in a good way

*(Smiles under Bandana)* yes..yes."

"If you ever need someone to help...make people understand, ya know? I am your guy. *Ztz*

"But for now..I will tend to..other matters, ya know"

*Sound of voice begins to get farther away, as Carlos puts his radio back in his bag, a female voice is heard faintly*

"Excuse me Señorita, would you like me to teach you da Salsa, yes?"

*Ztz* *Static Fades* *Ztz*

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*Smiles with glee as her hears last message, grinning ear to ear*

*Strokes the face of victim on the ground**Cackles*

"Carlos, how delightful to hear your voice again, it almost made end the fun with this poor devil on the ground. It would have been an awful mess and a true disappointment to lose a play mate so quickly."

*Begins reassuring victim*

"After our last encounter, I had a thought! If we could have so much fun with you and your loving family, I'm positively delighted to know that we will more fun in the future to come"

*Murdoc begins looking down at victim, seeing the pure fear of the innocence*

"Well, as much as I'd love to continue, I have to finish my play date, I don't want to seem rude and ignore my guest."

*Begins to shut off radio and a scream begins in the background*

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*hears the dialogue of Carlos and his brother, Murdoc*

*takes his mask off, which is covered in blood*


For one goddamn second i thought i am lost in these goddamn trees, for fk sake!

But then, i heard you..

I...I feel alive again, i mean hmm...

i am always alive, my mask gives me the breath i need, but i mean..hmm

a good man needs friends, am i right?

I..escaped Green Mountain, people decided to harm me, i think they didn't like my games, hm?

I mean what is wrong with having a little fun with a knife which is already covered in blood?

I told them like that we have already blood, now the meat is missing..hm hahaha.

anyway, the flashbang saved me..

I need a towel, sweat leaks from my brow, damn..

It's burning my eyes.

Oh fk, i think i hear them coming, i gotta go, maybe i need help i don't know

*puts the mask on again*

*turns the radio off* *Zttz* **Static Ensues** *Zttz*

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Ami picks up her radio and pauses at the button. "Had to be fucking clowns..." she mumbles to herself before clicking it.

"You're the assholes who keep shooting up my mountain. Can you go draw your smilies on some damn rotters? Maybe do some minor good with all that ammo you steal?"

"FUCKING CLOWNS of all things!" She says and she tossed her radio across the narrow hall that she calls a bedroom.

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*Zzzztz..tz.* *Static Ensues* *Zzzztz..tz.*


Hmm, is this..thing on?

Anyway, hello survivor, i heard your message clearly, actually ehm..i wanted to wait my guys to respond, but ehm..

last night was kinda heavy and we all are tired..

I mean to put it on point, we love to put a..ehm smile? yes a smile on peoples face you know..

So, due the fact, some people call the radio tower as makers tower, some others call it as a normal radio tower..

hm, we wanted to show people our presence? yes yes presence...

So we took some blood, i mean of course animal blood, am i right?

And painted a BIG FAT smile on the tower..


Can you hear me? Hmm..

And what belongs to us, we take it, i mean we give you something back, makes sense?

Not every clown is our clown, hehehe...

anyway i wish you funny dreams..

*puts the mask on again*

*turns the radio off* *Zttz* **Static Ensues** *Zttz*

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Levi looks into the distance, the crumbling remains of chenarus in sight not far away. He stumbles through his bag, finding his battered radio an old friend had given him long ago, he closes his eyes as he pushed down the talk key.

He...hello? This is Levi speaking, I heard your transmission a couple days ago, I Uh...to be frank understand men like yourself. I have a mere request, if you, and anyone else are interested in it.

The radio goes silent, as Levi opens his canteen and takes a sip of water from it. He clears his throat as he begins to push down the key again.

Ah, much better. Anyway I've had some trouble with a certain...woman. You see she's not very happy, never smiles at all. I understand you men always want people to be..happy. Her name is Jessica, and if you and you're group are interested we could meet up somewhere...I'd be willing to give a grand reward if you guys could make her...happy once again.

The radio goes silent once again, as Levi places it back in his bag once again.

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Ah The Masquerade I always welcome them to My Dark Carnival where evil is washed down to hell

And the innocent become Angels 

But you missed something my friends

You forgot the Kings DEATH


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A king doesn't die.. The king sawyer is immortal

*turns off his radio*

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Radio turns on with static*

Hello my friends. I wish to tell you about My Dark Carnival you should come and visit you have nothing to fear but you maybe thin-



Come to My Dark Carnival please. Oh and the cost? Your.Soul :o)(o:

Transmissions cuts off but you thought you heard a voice say 'Please help us' but you dismiss it as your imagination maybe you'll check this place out what could go wrong?*

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Zzzzzzzz click* why are u so mean little bitch hmm mean to us friendly faced clowns

Click* Mr.D the doctor cored oh ho HO ah ask Todd if he got The Messiahs message and no I'm a different person a little friend in the trees one who is friends with The Messiah

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The fuck is wrong with people?

Always thinking they relevant and shit, go back to your group of American super soldiers circle jerking each other as they fell out of their helicopters.

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