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Jordan - Another New Guy!

Guest eomer817

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Guest eomer817

Hi all,

Just joined DayZRP and got my whitelist acceptance! Looking forward to jumping in and RPing some zombie apocalypse scenarios!

My character and I share the same name (Jordan) although the last name 'Caller' is not my last name.

Having some troubles getting onto the server at the moment, but I hope to get that solved soon and getting in there to play.

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Hey! Welcome to the server!

Take a look at this guide and at this section of the forum (Clans and groups). It's easier to survive if you're part of a group!

For your connection problems, try posting a thread in this section (or read some see if it has been solved already)! I'm pretty sure you aren't the only one having this issue and that someone will be able to help you out!

Hope to see you out there, stay safe!

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