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Olivier Dumas, the story of a survivor

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This is the Story of Olivier Dumas, I hope you guys enjoy it.

My name is Olivier Dumas. I’m a Chernarussian hunter and I’ve been living in Chernarus for my entire life, which makes it 29 years now. That doesn’t explain my name though, but it’s French because my parents are both French and moved over here when I was only two years old. Why? Never got a chance to ask them, didn’t really want to know. Probably because my dad, Louis, honest and hardworking man, thought that he could make some good money by starting his own lumberjack mill over here. You see, doing something like that in France would be really difficult with all those rules and restrictions, but here, it’s easier than explaining why you came here. Well he made some good money out of it, and managed to buy himself a nice mansion (let’s be honest, it’s quite big) in Mogilevka, a small town next to some of the biggest forests Chernarus has to offer with a beautiful view when looking outside. I grew up in that town, and had the time of my life over there. I even fell in love with one of the girls, Alexandra, my now beautiful wife. Well, to tie things up, I didn’t stay there, because my dad wanted me to take over the company, as I’m the oldest one. I also have a brother, Arno, and he was the one to follow him up. He’s a nice guy, nothing really special about him. I hope that he’s alright.

I moved to Kamensk with my wife soon after our marriage. We bought ourselves a nice green house with two floors (they’re pretty common in Chernarus, but it was ours, and that made it special). I became a hunter to support my family (we were thinking about children but we never got the chance). Anyways, I learned to how hunt from Artyom, the local hunter, who was more than happy to take me as his apprentice. We would hunt in the big forests to the north and sell what we found in Severograd. I made a nice living out of it, enough so that my wife didn’t have to work.

The reason why I’m telling you, whoever is reading this, is because what happened in October 2013. You are now in Chernarus so you know what happened, man got bit, and a few days later, shit went down. Even with the help of the UN they (the government) couldn’t control the disease. In the beginning, you had Russia in the north of where I lived, constantly patrolling the borders, but after two months they broke through and from that moment on, it went worldwide as far as I know. That’s the last thing I heard before everything went silent. They, those monsters, the infected. Beasts, if you ask me, those things are no humans, at least, not anymore. They appear to be infected with some kind of Rabies disease, but a lot worse. They bite and eat people, believe me, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. In the beginning, me and my wife survived pretty well. I hunted for food and we barricaded ourselves in every night. Until one night, they came. The bad guys. They spotted a candle which we had lit earlier that night. They came to us, and I trusted them. Why did I trust them? I should’ve known. They wore military outfits even though they didn’t have the discipline or the respect a soldier would have. But as nice as my wife was, we let them in. We shared some food with them and we told stories all night long. We all went to bed at the same time. The next morning they were gone, as well as all of our food and weapons except for my hunting rifle, which I hid under the cupboard. After that we started scavenging towns, completely destroyed by the event. We looted stores but without a lot of success and we were hungry all the time. Then one day, we were attacked by some of those monsters, runners as my wife called them. We both got bit and we knew what would happen. We decided to wait it out, maybe we were immune to the disease, we didn’t know. We locked ourselves in and went to bed together, thinking that we wouldn’t wake up again. We said farewell to each other and I fell asleep. The next morning I was the only one to wake up, I’m immune and she wasn’t (Why God did you take her instead of me?), and she didn’t. I couldn’t see here like that, as she would become one of them. And I ran, I ran away, into the woods, and that’s the last time I saw her.

I have not forgotten who did this to me. Those bandits, those monsters. I do not forget, nor do I forgive them for what they have done. We easily could’ve survived with all of our food. Nowadays, I still hunt, but now I hunt something else than what I used to. I hunt bandits. And I won’t stop until I’ve found each and every one of them, no matter what the cost.

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