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Good samaritan returning?

Do you want the good samaritan back?  

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  1. 1. Do you want the good samaritan back?

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elgiri    5

Some of you people have probably seen my other post about the good samaritan returning. Well if you have not then you can read this.

I was wondering some time ago when 0:53 came to stable that what if the good samaritan could return to dayzrp so you could help people out of trouble.

The thing is that it was abused before so that's why it got taken out.

But now when we have logs the admins etc. can see who killed who and who damaged who. So basically then you will know if a good samaritan killed someone. If it would be back, the good samaritan has to have a lot of pictures showing the hostile situation towards the victim before he takes the shot or have video footage of the situation. That being said i will make this poll.

Edit: Feel free to post your opinions.

Edit 2: I edited the part about it being abused.

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Whitefur    4

The problem about Good Samaritan was that evert bandit saw somebody getting robbed and instantly killed all of them for free killz. I don't see that exploiting happening anytime soon.

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Vapor    0

I rather it not be returned. They are a a lot of people that are trigger happy and would really want this to be allowed. Giving them more reason to kill another person. DayZRP is about roleplay>Killing. Sure if you really have to kill someone, it should be in your defense or of a friend. Not because you see a hostage situation happening and you know you get a free kill.

No, thank you.

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Subso    0

I dont see the problem of reinitiating if you want to save people - offers more roleplay for all partys. (hostage, bandits and savior)

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