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Jasper Morris *paper found on shore of Komarovo*

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Chernarus Prison System Inmate Dossier:

Name: Jasper Morris

DOB: Unknown

Nationality: American

Offence: Espionage

Date of Incarceration: 30/8/14

Sentence: Currently awaiting trial

Prisoner Information:

Subject picked up in Severograd posing as a Tactical Bacon sales associate from America. Subject later claimed he was on a ship that capsized along the NE coast carrying a supply of Tactical Bacon for the region. No Visa on record. No Passport was found. Subject claims these items were lost during the shipwreck. Contact was made with the United States Embassy but they deny having any record of a Jasper Morris visiting the area or having a passport issued. Further questioning of subject fielded no positive results. The subject was able to speak some Russian but claims it was from his sales trips to the region while selling Tactical Bacon. Subsequently he consistently mentions that he was Tactical Bacon Sales Associate of the Year for 2011, 2012, and 2013. Moscow asked to hold subject for questioning as suspected spy. Subject shows signs of multiple personality disorder. Psychological examination request sent to Moscow. Prisoner is being held in an isolation cell awaiting reply.

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if i will find u ingame and u got no bacon i swear to god i will make u my personal slave

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