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In The Light And The Shadow

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I travel through the land

With my rifle in my hand

With mask over my face

I always keep the same pace.

I keep my companions close

So that threat may not pose

With heart and mind on task

I keep my feelings behind my mask.

I keep what I feel inside

For my feelings are to hide

With anger my heart is filled

I have already sinned.

I try to keep it all away

For my mind will lead astray

My mind will take it all

I know my light will start to fall.

Out of the deepest pits of my mind

I have a darkness left behind

Which has one time taken hold

And left a body deadly cold

What happened on that night

Still leaves me waking up in fright

The darkness had swallowed me whole

Dragged me down its dangerous hole

Has swallowed up all my might

And replaced all my feelings with fright

Taken over control had it done

But what happened that night can't be undone

The only thing I can about the dark

Is freeze it in my heart

Accept what I have taken

And see what I can give.

I have to accept the dark, but control it with light.

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As Darkness Shrouds

The Empty Vale

A figure Appears

Slim and Pale

A Smile Appears

On His Face

A Soft Glance

Would Give Place

To What Is

A Hollow Gaze

Once Close By

You Can See

The Holow Eyes

That Have Replaced

The Vivid Colours

In Ones Eyes

The Blank Stare

Has Caught You

A Little Unaware

For Dead Eyes

Have No Fear

Emotions Are Robbed

Feelings Led Astray

That Which Hides

Behind Hollow Eyes.

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Come survivor, come with me

Safe and happy, you will be

Away from your homes, now let us run

With Darkness, You'll have so much fun

Oh, survivor, please don't cry

Darkness wouldn't hurt a fly

Be free, be free, be free to play

Come down in my cave with me to stay

Oh survivor, please don't squirm

Those ropes, I know, will hold you firm

Darkness tells you this is true

But sadly, Darkness lied to you

Oh survivor, you musn't leave

Your families for you will grief

Their minds will unravel at the seams

Allowing me to hunt their dreams

But naturally, all of you must know

That it is time for you to go

Oh survivor, you weren't clever

Now you shall stay with me Forever

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Guest Phalix

Should read some of that ingame when you're at a campfire :D

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Should read some of that ingame when you're at a campfire :D

I've done so when I was walking with my friends through a forest and they were freaked out

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As the shadow covers the veil of man

A slight voice arrives as soft as it can

"Beware beware of the angel's stare

Beware of its eyes for they see through every disguise

Beware of its weapon for it strikes just and swift

Beware of the pain it brings, the suffering it gives."

As the light opens up the shadows

A voice comes from beneath the hallows

"Beware beware the demon's eyes

For they do see through sinners eyes

They see through might and honor

They taste the living fear at heart

Beware beware for devil's stare

To rip out your heart they seek."

Beware beware the humans stare

For angel and demon are inside

They will belong in one of both

But both bring on the brim of fear

For chaos and disorder brings them ever near.

Beware beware of fear itself

For humans are still animals themselves.

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From out of the shadows,

Into the light,

Walks there a force,

blistening of might,

Into a world born of chaos,

One can only hope for moments of peace,

Inside this globe horror and fear,

One force shouts words to hear,

Bring forth thy Offer,

No need to suffer,

Speak but the word,

And all will be heard,

Kneel down infront of this force,

And then look up high,

Because salvation is oh so Nigh.

Let strength engulf you,

Let order guide you,

Let light be your strength,

Let order be your family.

Hidden in dark

Molten in shadow

A force unknown

Lingers below

Trying to push out

The force that it hides,

The darkness had worked

Where light had failed

It consumed every reason

And spawned only hate

For darkness itself

Is nothing but bait

For things that are worse

For darkness itself

Has powers for more

If madness occurs

And all hope that is lost

Let me tell you one thing, hope for the light within

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