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99.3 Official Report

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This is John Quinn reporting from Chernarus for UKBC. I have successfully penetrated the quarantine zone and am now inside the country. I have been hiding out with a local family for three days in a small village called Olsha. There is already evidence of looting and murder, bodies litter the streets and carrion beasts are everywhere. I have no support here but will be trying to report as often as possible. I will be moving from town to town looking for survivors and bringing you the stories they have.

Farewell, I hope to report soon...

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After hearing the transmission Bar sigh and press a small button on the side of his walkie talkie

"You fool, you should have make some research about this hellhole before you got here. All radio transmissions are blocked from the outside, not that it's matter now..." Bar sigh again due to the sad situation "I am still trying to understand your motives for getting here, since the infection broke out of the borders of this country there is no diffrent between here and the outside but the radio block and the borders that were here from before the infection cought the rest of the world. So here is a scoop for you: YOU CAME HERE FOR NOTHING, AND NOW YOU ARE STUCK HERE. even your cause won't matter so all I can tell you now is to come back to your friend anf family from the same way you entered and never look back"

Bar release the transmiting button and say to himself "Fucking fool..."

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Joey hears the transmission and shakes his head in disbelief and reaches for his walkie talkie.

Joey presses the button and starts talking; "Stranger, I do not know you, nor do I have the wish to get to know you. You'll problably die soon." Joey shivers and continues to talk; "What quarantine zone are you talking about?"

"There have been multiple reports of the quarintine zone being disbanded as all hell has broken lose in the countries surrounding Chernarus."

"You should not give people hope with that false information, all hope is lost, we are lost and if I ever run in to you, expect a bullit."

Raging and swearing Joey releases the button and runs off towards Olsha..

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*Marco turns his radio on, shaking*


My na..e is Mar...o Blackbourn

I hea..rd that you....

*clicking is heard, you can hear more clearly now

Please contact your supervisors, tell them to come, please sir, i want to get out of here.

Be quick about it.

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*As Bar heard the on going transmissioms on the radio he feels like he is talking to some kindergarden children. After alot he has been going through Bar snaps and decided to transmit on the channel again. Bar took his heavly upgraded walkie talkie and pressed the transmitting button*

"Hey Blackbourn guy. Are new in this hellhole or you are just diconected from this reality? Ether way you are stupid as hell! If you havn't heard or tried, this place is blocked for transmitting to the outside, trust me I tried. It took 2 months to get a generator, conecting it to an anthenna and run a fully radio signal and all this was to discover that the radio signal is broke. Hell I even tried to conect an Ipad I found and all I got was russian website that is also blocked inside this region. And even if Quinn will be magicly able to get in touch with his suppiriors, what does it matter? The infection has already got viral to the rest of the world but Iceland, and Iceland has isolated itself a long long time ago so forget about getting there... If you will keep being disconected from this reality will end up dying. All I have left to tell you is that you have to learn how to get some informationg in order to be updated from your surounding.

Bar, out."

Bar released the transmitting button and put back the radio inside his backpack. Bar saw the sun rising from east and sadness started to feel him. The lack of his friends made him wish to just have someone to share the sunrise and hoped that these "little idiots" won't end up dead

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