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corinth king

Corinth Kings Journal

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Day one, Just outside of Vybor. Hello, i found a book under this desk and well people sometimes say writing down what happens day after day can help you stay sane... I hope they are right. Other then finding this damn book and killing myself another damn infected nothing really happened today...

Day two, Vybor grocery store. Well today i found the first non-infected person since the outbreak, sadly he didn't talk much... the rope he tied around his neck must have made him not as talkative... I wonder what dives people to do this to themselves, i guess the lack of company would do it... It sure feels like it.

Day four, Stary Sobor. I missed a day... pretty hard to write in a damn book when your running for your life, Oh and a little note to self, stay away from Vybor, at least until the infected wander off. Found more fucking tactical bacon, as if i wasn't already getting tired of the damn stuff... Oh what i would give for a nice meal, none of this canned shit.

Day five, Vyshnoye. Made a pretty good trek today. Found some more ammo for my Mosin, oh what i wouldn't give for a assault rifle... I mean a bolt action is great if you have good aim but i would have trouble hitting the side of a barn if i was right next to it.... I remember hearing about some caste nearby, Zud or Zub i think, cant remember really. anyway i think ill try to make my way there, probably stay the night i don't know.

Day six, Zub castle. Nice place... I'm glad i brought an extra shirt for a blanket, those stones are not the best insulation. Found an old sword on the upper level, Damn thing looks ancient. I guess i might as well keep the sword as a sort of memento of this place, who knows... it might even fetch a pretty penny from a trader, If i ever find one...

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Yeah. Keep going. Journal entries are always fun to read. I like to read the adventures of others.

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