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Zelenagorsk - The Cannibals (US2)

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"If anyone can hear this. My name is Cal Plysnovic. I am currently at the town of Zelenagorsk with a man. I don't even know his name. *Zzzk Screech* Fuck... He isn't normal.... *Zzk* But then again.. Who is?"

*A mans voice is heard. And the cocking of a weapon*

"Cal... Its them... They are outside. Fuck mate, they are scarier than the fuckin' infected."


"Fuck comrade. If you have to do it... Do it."

"Alright you fuck heads! Drop all your shit! Don't fucking! AHHH! Shit! Cal! Help!"

*Ripping and tearing sounds are heard*

"Fuck! Sorry! Im fucking sorry! I have to lock the doors! *Locking sounds. Then you hear scrambling closer to the radio* Please! Help me! Fucking help me!"


*End of radio brodcast*

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