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Invalid RP name?

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I just logged into dayzrp server for first time and my characters name is Carlos. I was kicked almost instantly because my name wasn't a valid rp name. I have read the rules, FAQ and even searched the forums to find out about this but haven't been able to find anything regarding this. My characters name on my app was Carlos Mencia Russett but would not fit in the name in game. I don't want to enter the server until I am clear about this rule in fear of possibly getting banned or even just making admins angry. If someone could help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Guest Vittoria

You need a first and last name.

So try something like Carlos M Russett, or just Carlos Russett.

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Having a period in the name will tigger the invalid characters and kick you (Dr. suchnsuch, Mrs. lady, etc.)

Get rid of that if you had M. and you should be fine.

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As others have stated, you have to have a first and last name to play on the server. Also you don't have to use the name you used on your whitelist app, you can use any names as long as it is a legit rp name and not the name of a famous person or whatnot. Going to mark this as solved...


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