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Malloy Trade Co.

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(This is a letter which will make alot more sense if they were there the day Malloy Trade Co. visited the prison island to conduct trade.)

The letter starts.

Somewhere around Kamenka Jordan Malloy

"I don't know what day it is... I lost count after those cannibals tried to eat us because they didn't like the trade Sean offered them. We seem to be doing good so far with our trade company we have going, besides the arguing going back and forth between me and Sean. I love Sean he is a great brother but I don't know how to keep myself alive lately, I see no point in continuing most days. Anyways, we have gathered a bunch of supplies and heard of an island that is under control by some sort of police force. We will head there and see what kinds of things we can get to help make surviving a little easier. Sean found a rowboat so I guess we need to get going, I'll update my journal on how it went when we get back."

(3 days since the last entry

Chernogorsk Ethan Malloy

"My name is Ethan Malloy, I am writing in my father's journal because they day he went to the island......he killed himself. I will be taking over my dad's role with my Uncle Sean. I still can't get my mind around the fact that I will never see him again. I will need to find away to carry on but it isn't going very well. We will see what happens....."

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