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Server or Game Bug?

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When I logged on this morning, my character was dying of starvation and thirst randomly even though I know full well that I got off the game yesterday being hydrated and energized. So I just kept playing filling up my hunger and thirst and I had to get off for 15min and when I logged back in, I was dying of starvation and thirst again. That character then died.

I respawn being completely normal and I get into a house and start to eat a can of tune and randomly my legs become fractured. I was then later killed by a zombie. This happened twice where I was doing something random and my legs break. Wtf. Is this a game bug because if that is, thats fucked up seeing as they could have looked over such a game breaking glitch.

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This happened to me the other day about two times in a row, switching to a different RP server fixed it for me. The fractured legs are just a normal glitch in dayz.

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As the game is not yet finished there are numerous bugs at the moment. These glitches are out of our hands but I believe the DayZ Developers are addressing the issues patch by patch. With this being said I will mark this as solved but if you have any more questions you can always hop into teamspeak and consult with a staff member:)


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